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Parents, What Have You Said That Sounded Really Weird Out Of Context?

"Do you realize you have a grilled cheese sandwich in your pocket?

When you have kids you often find yourself saying things that sound really weird out of context.


For example, you might have shouted, “I don’t care how hot it is! Leave your sister in the car!”

Flickr: lala_lollipopp / Via Creative Commons

That sounds pretty disturbing unless you know the “sister” in question is your daughter’s American Girl doll.

Or maybe you said, “Do you realize you have a grilled cheese sandwich in your pocket?”

Flickr: abbamouse / Via Creative Commons

Weird, yes. But most parents can imagine a time or ten when they’ve said something like this.

You might have asked your kid a gem like, “Is your butt being nice today?”

Flickr: josephers / Via Creative Commons

The weird stuff we say to our kids when trying to get them to use the bathroom is pretty staggering.

The possibilities are endless: “Why is my sweater on the dog?” “If you want ice cream you better stop singing!” “Do you know where the thing is for the thing the kid needs?” / Via Creative Commons

So tell us, moms and dads: What have you said that sounded really weird out of context? And why did you say it?

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Share your weirdest/funniest out of context statement in the comments below and it may appear in a future BuzzFeed article!

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