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Parents, What's A Moment That Made You Say "Shit!"

Raising kids is stressful, man.

To the non-parent, parenting can sometimes look like it's made up of idyllic and sweet moments.

Flickr: rolandslakis / Via Creative Commons

But parents know that for every moment like that there are just as many — if not way more — that make you say “Shit!”

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For example, you might have walked into a room to find your kid in the middle of doing something staggeringly unsafe.

Or maybe you discovered them writing ALL OVER THE WALLS.

Perhaps your little toddled into the room during your book club holding something — ahem — from your bedside table drawer.

Flickr: johnath / Via Creative Commons

It’s also possible they’ve repeated something you said in front of the exact person you didn’t want to hear it.


So tell us, moms and dads: What's a memorable time being a parent made you say "Shit!"


Share yours in the comments below and it may appear in a future BuzzFeed article!