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27 Things That Christmas-Obsessed Parents Need Right Now

Some people think it's too early for Christmas. Some people are wrong.

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And don't let anyone give you that "too early" bunk — eggnog started hitting shelves last month!

Store is already selling eggnog and it expires before even Halloween


8. This new picture book version of Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You."

Random House Children's Books

Note to people who say it's too soon for Christmas — this book is already on sale, which basically means Queen Mariah herself has given us permission to get our Christmas on.


12. These custom illustrated family holiday cards.

The cut-off date for getting your family on these cards is November 30th, so you've got to be thinking Christmas now if you want them. Just sayin'. Get yours here.

15. ABC Family's Christmas programming schedule.

ABC Family / Via

Elf, The Santa Clause, and Love Actually are but a few of the movies they'll be showing starting Dec. 1. Find the full schedule here.


25. This “Parents Calling Santa” app.

Santa will call and speak to your kids. You can even request a “naughty” message where he’ll tell your kids he knows they’ve been misbehaving! Get it here.


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