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    27 Things That Christmas-Obsessed Parents Need Right Now

    Some people think it's too early for Christmas. Some people are wrong.

    Amy Sefton/BuzzFeed

    1. This eggnog French toast.

    Look at that photo and tell me it's not reason enough to kick off the season. Find the recipe here.

    And don't let anyone give you that "too early" bunk — eggnog started hitting shelves last month!

    Store is already selling eggnog and it expires before even Halloween

    2. This DIY cardboard gingerbread house.

    How could anyone say it's too early for Christmas when they could be making this adorableness? Learn how here.

    3. These incredible Funko Pop! Holidays figures.

    Get yours before they're sold out. Order Buddy the Elf here and Bunny Suit Ralphie here.

    4. These DIY Christmas light balls.

    No one could possible complain about seeing these balls of awesomeness in November. Find the DIY here.

    5. These droolworthy krispie treat Christmas trees.

    My advice? Make these for dessert at Thanksgiving and if anyone complains toss them out on their ungrateful butt. Find the recipe here.

    6. This Christmas crunch popcorn is totally droolworthy too.

    No one should have to wait until December to get at this goodness. Find the recipe here.

    7. This educational geometric snowman.

    This is an ideal craft for kids who are presently taking geometry. Learn more — and download the .pdf — here.

    8. This new picture book version of Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You."

    Random House Children's Books

    Note to people who say it's too soon for Christmas — this book is already on sale, which basically means Queen Mariah herself has given us permission to get our Christmas on.

    9. There's a new illustrated storybook of Home Alone, too.

    Quirk Books

    It's already on sale too, so Macaulay has given us his blessing as well.

    10. These hot cocoa mix ornaments.

    These make the perfect holiday teacher's gift. Learn more here.

    11. These DIY reindeer food burlap sacks.

    These make great teacher's gifts too. Find the DIY here.

    12. These custom illustrated family holiday cards.

    The cut-off date for getting your family on these cards is November 30th, so you've got to be thinking Christmas now if you want them. Just sayin'. Get yours here.

    13. This super clever "painting snow" activity for kids.

    Find this and a few other terrific winter activities here.

    14. These ugly/awesome Christmas sweaters.

    Your kids are guaranteed to want to wear these. Order yours here.

    15. ABC Family's Christmas programming schedule.

    ABC Family / Via

    Elf, The Santa Clause, and Love Actually are but a few of the movies they'll be showing starting Dec. 1. Find the full schedule here.

    16. These Star Wars nutcrackers.

    Your kids are going to go nuts for for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, so why not get them a Star Wars nutcracker? Get yours here.

    17. Also, these Star Wars paper snowflakes.

    Download the .pdf for this one and many other Star Wars snowflakes here.

    18. Here's one last Star Wars treat — this BB-8 ornament.

    Find yours here.

    19. These Grinch-themed holiday treats.

    Just between you and me it takes a real Grinch to deny it's time for Christmas, amirite? Find the list of Grinchy goodness here.

    20. These melted snowman Oreo balls.

    21. This adorable door hanging.

    Fantastic. Or should I say "Santa-stic?" Find the DIY here.

    22. These solar snowman.

    These decorations glow at night from the sunlight they gathered during the day. Buy yours here.

    23. This festive Winter Toy Shop set from LEGO.

    This holiday scene features a Christmas tree, snowman, carolers and more. Order yours here.

    24. This Christmas-themed sensory play obstacle course.

    Learn more here.

    25. This “Parents Calling Santa” app.

    Santa will call and speak to your kids. You can even request a “naughty” message where he’ll tell your kids he knows they’ve been misbehaving! Get it here.

    26. This candy candy crunch milkshake.

    Frankly, I wouldn't fault anyone for busting this recipe out in the dead of summer. Find it here.

    27. And these chocolate covered strawberry Christmas trees.

    Now why would anyone put off Christmas another moment when they could be eating these? Learn more here.