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    Jimmy Fallon Made #DadQuotes Trend On Twitter And You’re Going To Laugh And Groan So Hard

    "My dad mispronounces everything. He calls Celine Dion 'Dion Salon.'"

    The "Hashtags" segment on The Tonight Show — where Jimmy reads the best responses to hashtags he posts on Twitter — is one of the funniest things on the show, hands down.

    Well, this week, just in time for Father's Day, Jimmy tweeted his latest hashtag: #DadQuotes.

    It’s Hashtags time! Tag a tweet with #DadQuotes and then tell us about a funny or weird thing your dad has said. Could be on the show!

    He then kicked things off with a quote of his own:

    My friend’s dad used to make us put shoes on when there was a thunderstorm cuz he heard that "if we're barefoot the whole family could get electrocuted." #DadQuotes

    Shortly after that, #DadQuotes was trending worldwide.

    Here were the 18 funniest, most dad-tastic responses:


    @jimmyfallon When I was in third grade, we were moving to a new house and I was devastated. I was crying so hard and I asked my dad why we had to move. He responded with, “Because you always leave your towels on the floor.” I’ve hung up my towels every day since. #DadQuotes


    @jimmyfallon At every restaurant named after a person: My dad to the waiter: “Thanks Jake!” Me: “Nope dad, that’s just the name of the restaurant. Jake is not actually serving us.” Every. Time. #DadQuotes


    (When my dad got his first smart phone) "Hey Heather, when does the App Store open?" #DadQuotes


    @jimmyfallon My grandfather, sitting in the post op room after having glaucoma surgery with me, a nurse and my grandmother. I see his zipper is down and tell him that it's down. At 80 years old, doesn't miss a beat, and just replies with "What can't get up, can't get out" #dadquotes


    one time my siblings and I were minding our own business in the kitchen and my dad looks at us and laughs, when asked he replies "everyone in this room is here because I got laid" #DadQuotes


    @jimmyfallon #DadQuotes Every time my Dad passes gas loudly he exclaims, “Still works!”


    @jimmyfallon #DadQuotes My dad mispronounces everything. Celine Dion = Dion Salon


    At least once a year my dad asks me: “ Did you hear they found a dead guy in a bathtub full of milk?” He pauses, “They think it’s a cereal killer.” Then he laughs for about five minutes. Every. Single. Time. #DadQuotes


    One day my dad walked around randomly calling everyone "Buck Mustard" #DadQuotes


    @jimmyfallon @jimmyfallon #DadQuotes The other day we saw someone sniff a coupon. My dad looked at me, dead serious, and said “That’s how you know the coupon’s still good.”


    @jimmyfallon #DadQuotes Every time my Dad passes gas loudly he exclaims, “Still works!”


    @jimmyfallon My dad accidentally used dry shampoo as deodorant n said ‘well at least my armpit hair will look flawless’ #DadQuotes


    @jimmyfallon EVERY time we drove by a cemetery with a fence around it my dad would ask "Do you know why there is a fence around that cemetery?? People are dying to get in there" #DadQuotes


    My Dad used to always say "You can pick your friends you can pick your nose but you can't wipe your friends on the back of the couch " LOL LOL #DadQuotes


    @jimmyfallon When my dad walked me down the aisle at our wedding, he shook my husband’s hand and said, “No give backs!” #DadQuotes


    At dinner one night my brothers phone buzzed. He got an alert saying that George Michael had died. Without missing a beat my dad says “Wham..Just like that....” #DadQuotes


    When I was a kid, I was studying the solar system in school. When I was telling my parents about it, my dad asked "Have you heard of the restaurant on the moon? It has great food, but no atmosphere." #DadQuotes


    @jimmyfallon Every time we're at the beach and one of us goes into the water my dad will without fail ask "How's the water? Wet?" #dadquotes

    Ha! Happy Father's Day, dads!!!