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    75 Tweets Jimmy Fallon Read On "The Tonight Show" That Will Make You Pee A Little

    There's a reason his hashtags always trend worldwide.

    From #WorstFirstDate:

    1. This stinker:

    2. This egg-cellent awkwardness:

    3. This unsolved mystery:

    4. This "are you kidding me?!" moment:

    5. And this family fail:

    From #MyKidIsWeird:

    6. This one that's pure 😳:

    7. This adorable weirdness:

    8. This mystery:

    9. This "been there" moment:

    10. This original excuse:

    11. This "Yay, parenting!" moment:

    12. This top secret sign:

    From #ImDumb:

    13. This long line:

    14. This one that'll make you go, "Oh my God":

    15. This one that's so funny it hurts (and surely hurt):

    16. This unheard-of musical trio:

    17. And this epic "Doh!":

    From #MyWorstSummerJob:

    18. This priceless experience:

    19. The other Justin's best summer job:

    20. This thorny situation:

    21. And this sad situation:

    From #MomQuotes:

    22. This savage mom move:

    23. This almost catchphrase:

    24. This new word:

    25. And this new slang word:

    26. This "I don't think that means what you think it means" moment:

    27. And this "I don't think it works the way you think it works" moment:

    From #DadQuotes:

    28. This bit of truth:

    29. This classic dad joke:

    30. And this cool dad joke:

    31. This IRL Homer Simpson quote:

    32. This actually good idea:

    33. And this embarrassment:

    From #MyFamilyIsWeird:

    34. This thing that makes you go hmmm:

    35. This whatever you call it:

    36. This safety tip:

    37. This idea that is half batshit, half adorably awesome:

    38. And, well, same for this one:

    From #HowIGotDumped:

    39. This girl who won't be getting her baby back, baby back, baby back:

    40. This technological breakup:

    41. This dream boyfriend's end:

    42. This stealthy move:

    43. This kiss cam, no ma'am:

    44. And this long-term couple:

    45. From #WhyImSingle:

    46. This cat lady in the making:

    47. This smooth talker:

    48. This (likely) cop's daughter:

    49. This hungry singleton:

    50. And this guy with the handle "@MetalFanInBlack":

    From #WeddingFail:

    51. This awkward father/daughter moment:

    52. This "perfect" shot:

    53. This em-beer-assment:

    54. This father of the bride fail:

    55. And this even worse F.O.T.B. fail:

    56. This cute facepalm:

    57. And this fail that is 100% Linda's fault:

    From #WhyDidISayThat:

    58. This teaching fail:

    59. This awkward dinner:

    60. This good pun, bad timing:

    61. This otherworldly fail:

    62. This one that'll make you go, "Oh my!":

    From #AirportFail:

    63. This wilting under pressure:

    64. This kid you don't want to travel with:

    65. And this kid you REALLY don't want to travel with:

    From #EmailFail:

    66. This geriatric groaner:

    67. This aggressive acronym:

    68. This cringey audio/visual fail:

    69. This bit of awkwardness:

    70. And this healthy helping of awkwardness:

    From #MyWeirdRoommate:

    71. This one that'll make you go, "What the pluck?":

    72. This IRL Ernie from Sesame Street:

    73. This shy guy:

    74. This creepy roomie:

    75. And lastly, these might technically be neighbors, but still — LOLOLOLOL: