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    21 Infuriating People Who Are Out There, Just Walking Around

    Who — and I can't emphasize this enough — ARE these people?!

    1. This person who stepped in the meat to hang this sign. (But at least they wore a hairnet!)

    Nothing like chicken Feet from trashy

    2. And this napkin-phobic person who ate pizza and played video games at the same time.

    Calm down bro, it’s just a little pizza grease. from extremelyinfuriating

    3. This person who had a smoke break over a propane tank...I mean, they're even ashing into it!

    Some people just wanna watch the world burn. Literally. from trashy

    4. And this customer who left this for the woman who waited on him instead of a tip.

    u/RekNepZ / Via

    5. This person who tosses her dog's poop bag in the same tree every day. (I mean, who does that?)

    Every day this lady walks her dog and throws its poop in the same tree. from trashy

    6. Oh, and this person who is casually walking a freakin' Bengal tiger through a mall!

    Woman casually taking a walk with her Bengal Tiger in one of the fanciest malls in Mexico City. from trashy

    7. This person (or more likely people) who is — blech! — the reason for this sign.

    Sweet home Alabama from trashy

    8. And ditto for the people who inspired this one.

    The fact they even needed to put this sign up. from trashy

    9. This couple that was way too comfortable in public.

    u/I8AllTheToblerone / Via

    10. And this air traveler who had the same problem.

    Getting back to my seat after a bathroom break from mildlyinfuriating

    11. These people seriously trying to cut in at the last moment.

    u/0ldBookGlue / Via

    12. This person who is out there just eating pizza like this.

    The way my grandmother eats pizza from mildlyinfuriating

    13. And this monster who took one bite out of each of these glorious donuts.

    *inhale* *exhale* from extremelyinfuriating

    14. Speaking of monsters, the diner who left behind this "I do have COVID-19 so clean this table effectively!" note.

    This was posted in as restaurant facebook group from trashy

    15. This person who actually tried to sell a "no pets" couch with a photo featuring a cat in the background.

    OK so what? from mildlyinfuriating

    16. These people who tested spray paint right there on the floor of the store.

    Don't even get me started on the people that test spray paint like this from trashy

    17. This person who — for some inexplicable reason — felt that leaving this review was helpful.

    u/JackPete5220 / Via

    18. This kid who terrorized the elevator and everyone on it.

    u/jdk / Via

    19. This asshole parker who took up not one, not two, not three, but four spaces!

    Not one, not two, not three, but four! from mildlyinfuriating

    20. This person who thought this was an appropriate way to stay cool.

    u/ssRussia / Via

    21. And ALL OF THE PEOPLE who left the beach like this.

    The beach near my house after the tourist left from mildlyinfuriating

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