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    28 Times Crap Painters Committed A Crime Against Humanity

    Sorry, but if you want relaxation, watch a Bob Ross video.

    1. This landlord who painted over a cockroach:

    2. And this one who painted over a penny:

    3. This lazy painter who — instead of moving some leaves — just didn't finish this line:

    4. This painter who I'm thinking has anger issues:

    5. And this painter who painted the retainer...and the sidewalk...and that car:

    6. This genius who included the Shutterstock watermark when painting this mural:

    7. This road painter who tried to paint a bike, but basically painted a Rorschach test (is it two snakes drinking a giant martini? A superhero helmet?):

    8. And this troublemaker who painted over the "M" on the side of the Manus Power Movers building:

    9. This spelling-challenged road painter: 

    10. This painter who was either very confused or very out of yellow paint:

    11. And this painter responsible for probably the most poorly painted handicap parking symbol ever:

    12. Wait, scratch that, this is the worst:

    13. ACTUALLY — oh my — this is the worst (and we will be taking no more submissions):

    14. And — while we're discussing parking space symbols — this painter possibly thinks children are aliens from outer space:

    15. This painter who painted over a plank of wood instead of moving it:

    16. This painter — come on! — who couldn't be bothered to move this plant a few feet:

    17. And this painter who didn't have time to move this clock:

    18. This painter who painted over a light switch:

    19. This painter who painted over an electrical outlet:

    20. And this road painter who, I think, clearly needs a new line of work:

    21. Speaking of road painters, this one painted over a spoon:

    22. This one painted over some cardboard:

    23. This (possibly Canadian) one painted over a leaf:

    24. And this one painted over...oh...RIP lil buddy:

    25. This boneheaded painter wrote over an ancient pictograph:

    26. This painter didn't bother to pull out a push pin before painting:

    27. This painter just painted right over gum:

    28. And this painter even painted over tape which could've been removed so easily:

    Outstanding work all around, everyone. Really, just outstanding.