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How To Do All Of Your Christmas Shopping At 7-Eleven

Family Christmas starting in 20 minutes? No problem!

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Dude! It's Christmas today! Have you done any of your shopping at all?

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"Christmas is a weird word, man. Christ-mas. Mas-Christ. In Spanish that means, like, 'more Christ.' Think on that and your mind goes BOOM. Where are the Cheetos?"


For your music-loving uncle (who used to be in a band, you know):

7-Eleven has a lot of nerve charging "$9.99 and up" for most of these, but not The Smashing Pumpkins' Greatest Hits or this rap album "mixed by Grandmaster Flash!"


For your chain-smoking grandpa:

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Look, Grandpa's never going to stop smoking. He's 94 years old. But he might stop blowing smoke in everyone's faces if you give him these, especially if you say, "Look, Pappy, cigarettes of the future!"