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    23 Mind-Blowing Artifacts That Were Discovered And Prove Regular People From History Were Just Like Us

    This post is as close to an actual time machine as you'll ever get.

    When you think about people from the past — I'm talking hundreds, if not thousands of years ago — it can be hard to imagine they were much like us. But the truth is...they were!

    How do I know? Well, one way is by looking at artifacts from throughout history. For example...

    1. We all brush our teeth, right? Well, so did people 350 or so years ago in England — they used this toothbrush, dental powder, and tongue scraper.

    a small thimble, metal case, toothbrush and u-shaped scraper

    2. Do you like to play chess, checkers, or board games? Yes? Well, 3,500 years ago Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun did, too — he was buried with this gaming table.

    a small wooden toy similar to chess

    3. And 2,000 years ago in Ancient Rome people played games with this shaker and dice set.

    4. Parents today like to dress their babies in cute clothes, right? Well, parents 600 years ago did, too, and put their babies in this onesie-like vest, with socks and mittens to keep them warm.

    a plain, old, baby onsie with a sock and mitten

    5. Do you have good dishes you pull out when company comes over? Well, so did people in China during the Ming Dynasty 600 or so years ago.

    a large plate with floral design with four people at the center

    6. This drinking glass looks familiar, right? You've probably got one like it in your home or used one like it at a restaurant. Well, you're not alone — this glass was used by people in Spain in the mid-to-late 18th century, some 250+ years ago.

    a drinking glass with light design

    7. You know how some people today have prosthetic hands? Well — get this — people 500 years ago did too!

    a metal hand

    8. You probably know more than a few people who like to plunk out Beatles' songs on their guitars. Well, guitars were very popular in the 18th century, too (although, then, people were more likely to play something by Bach than Lennon/McCartney).

    a small guitar

    9. You wear earrings? Sure, lots of people do! Well, so did people 1,000+ years ago in 11th- and12th-century Iran...and look at these beauties they wore!

    gold earrings with ducks kissing in the middle of a semi-circular design

    10. We all still wear sandals — especially in the summer — and people in ancient Rome did, too. And honestly, if these were new instead of, like, two thousand years old, I could easily imagine seeing them in a shoe store in 2022.

    old Roman sandals

    11. These Medieval era shoes wouldn't fit in as well on a modern store shelf, but they're still relatable! That's because this style of shoe was the absolute rage around 1200 A.D., and us modern folks can definitely relate to needing to get our hands on the latest shoe fad, amirite?

    an sandal with a long pointed toe

    12. You know how older people (like, say, an eccentric aunt) often have a tchotchke or two in their house that raises eyebrows? Well, they had eyebrow-raising trinkets 1300 years ago in Peru too!

    13. If you're one of the 1.3 billion Catholics in the world in 2022, you'll immediately recognize the items below despite the fact they're from 1535 CE. This traveling mass set included a silver-gilt chalice, Communion plate, and glass bottle for a leather box to carry them in.

    14. You probably have a basket or two, right? I mean, who doesn't? Well, Native Americans did, too — like this beautiful one from 300 years ago that was discovered in what's now modern-day California.

    close up of a woven basket

    15. You ever spruce up your hair with a comb? Of course! Me too. Well, folks back in the day — like all the way back in the 7th century — did the same damn thing.

    double sided comb

    16. Speaking of hair, nowadays lots of women have hair bun makers in their homes, right? Well, so did women in China a thousand or so years ago.

    17. You know how you can buy wacky things online from places like Uncommon Goods? Well, they may not have had the internet 2,000 years ago, but they DID have wacky things you could buy — like this oil lamp in the shape of a human foot.

    18. Unless you're rich, you probably don't have anything larger than a ring made of gold, but you know there are people out there — like the Kardashians or whoever — who do. Anyway, between the 4th and 7th centuries, the Quimbaya people (who lived in what's now Colombia) had a lot of gold, and made stunningly beautiful and sophisticated items like the one below.

    a small gold container in the shape of a person sitting down

    19. Folks today may Venmo or use their debit cards, but we still use coins, and so did the people in Rome 2,000 years ago.

    close up of a Roman coin

    20. Rugs are nice to have on the floor of your home, don't you think? Well, so did Copts in Egypt 1,600 freaking years ago.

    21. We may have air conditioning nowadays, but almost all of us have used a handheld fan at one time or another. Well, people in Japan used them as early as the 6th century (if not earlier). This absolutely stunning one is 150 years old.

    a fan with a scene of people in the countryside with cherry blossoms

    22. How in tune are we with people from long ago? Well, any of us today would immediately recognize the items below as daggers...despite the fact they were made 3,000–5,000 years ago!

    four different daggers

    23. And lastly — if the point hasn't been made already — people of the past were incredibly vibrant, ingenious, and a whole lot like us today...just minus the smart phones.

    a skull with mosaic tiles over it