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    19 Very Pregnant People Who Are Very Funny

    It's a long nine months. You gotta laugh!

    1. This woman who got pregnant at the start of the pandemic and recently announced it in very 2020 fashion:

    2. This pregnant woman who went to the store to get dinner and came back with...not dinner:

    3. This pregnant woman who decided to practice her swaddling technique on her very patient pupper:

    4. And this pregnant woman who practiced on her slightly less patient kitty:

    5. Then there was this pregnant person who — oh boy! — practiced their diaper skills on their very confused cat:

    6. And this pregnant woman, who couldn't see her feet anymore, but could see her dog's:

    7. This nine months pregnant woman who went to an amusement park with her hubby and 5-year-old son and shared — LOL — a photo of her favorite ride:

    8. This very pregnant woman who was also very into Deadpool:

    9. This pregnant person who absolutely channeled Thor in Avengers: Endgame:

    10. This pregnant person who WAS Chris Farley's Matt Foley (who lived in a van down by the river!).

    11. And this pregnant person who made _The Simpsons _proud...and maybe even outdid them:

    12. This pregnant woman who brought her husband into the act for an especially silly maternity shot:

    13. This pregnant woman who — tired of watching her husband snore in the dead of night — decided to send him this description of a traditional birthing ritual where the laboring mom would tug on a rope, squeezing the dad's testicles, whenever she felt pain:

    14. This pregnant woman who decided to make her belly A) a whole lot funnier, and B) a whole lot cuter:

    15. And this pregnant woman who also decided to play around with her belly...with equally hilarious results:

    16. This pregnant woman who responded with this photo when asked how she was feeling:

    17. And this pregnant person who responded with this one:

    18. This very pregnant person with a very funny sense of humor:

    19. And this pregnant person who is really optimistic about how easy their delivery is going to be 😂🤣: