25 Absolutely Brilliant Signs From The Hollywood Writers Strike

    They're writers. You KNEW their signs were going to be good.

    As you've likely heard, the Writers Guild of America — representing the people who write the movies and TV shows we all enjoy — has gone on strike against the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.

    The Writers Guild of America protesters holding picket signs

    Well, writers being writers, they've made some incredibly clever and funny signs to show off at their protests. Here are some of the very best:

    1. This sign hilariously played off Nicole Kidman's wonderfully campy AMC movie ad:

    2. While this one referenced Khia's song "My Neck, My Back":

    "My Neck, My Back, We Need a Fair Contract"

    3. This writer had a message the studio surely will love! He supports A.I.!

    4. And this writer hilariously summed up the state of things: "Don't piss on my leg and tell me 'It's streaming.'"

    5. This sign also gets right down to it:

    6. Brett Goldstein — who in addition to playing Roy Kent on Ted Lasso is also a writer on the show — held up one reading "This sign was not pitched on by a writers room which is why it feels dissatisfying."

    7. There were a LOT of funny Succession-themed signs, like this one referencing the "It just made sense dramaturgically" meme:

    The background: Actor Jeremy Strong (who plays Kendall Roy) recently went viral after using "dramaturgically" in an interview about the show.

    Closeup of Jeremy Strong

    8. And this sign perfectly tweaked one of Tom Wambsgans' lines to the situation:

    A person holding a sign that says, "They have ludicrously capacious salaries. What's even in there? 773 million? Greg, it's monstrous. It's gargantuan" with a picture of Tom Wambsgans

    You can see the scene the sign references below:

    9. This one reads "Succession without writers is just The Apprentice and look how well THAT worked out."

    10. And this one made a threat, LOL:

    "Fair contract or we'll spoil Succession"

    11. This sign suggested maybe the studios shouldn't be too quick to come up with their own ideas:

    "You came up with Quibi"

    12. This sign joked about Jenna Ortega saying she needed to fix some of her character's lines in Wednesday:

    "Without writers, Jenna Ortega will have nothing to punch up!"

    13. This sign got personal:

    "How can I afford my La Croix addiction?"

    14. And this sign had fun with the classic Friends show titles:

    "The one where writers get a fair contract"

    15. This sign used Netflix's latest hit title for the cause:

    "We have beef with Netflix" #FAIRCONTRACT

    16. Speaking of Netflix, LOL:

    "Can't Netflix and chill when writers have bills"

    17. Some more good ones: "HBO Max pays HBO minimum."

    18. "Just trying to feed my cats :("

    19. "Gays just want to have fund$"

    20. And "I still wanna see Batgirl." (I know the writers have bigger things to negotiate about, but if they somehow got Batgirl released after all this, that would be...chef's kiss.)

    "I still wanna see Batgirl"

    21. This sign referenced a classic movie line (you have to imagine saying it in Al Pacino's voice):

    22. This sign referenced a poignant line from WandaVision that proves why writers are so damn important:

    "What is good TV if not writers persevering?"

    23. White Lotus fans will appreciate this one:

    24. This adorable sign will amuse fans of The Mandalorian:

    A person holds a sign that says "This is NOT the way" with Grogu frowning hard

    25. And lastly, I think it's safe to assume these two are comedy writers: