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    50 People Who Made Horrible Mistakes, And Thank Goodness, Because They're Hilarious

    We're sorry for laughing (we *snort* really are).

    1. This person who ordered this scratching post for their cat:

    2. This priest who livestreamed a mass without realizing he had the filters on by mistake:

    u/evissimus / Via

    3. And this person who ordered a custom mask and, well, things didn't turn out quite as she hoped:

    4. This person who grabbed the soy sauce and not the syrup:

    5. This mom who sprayed her pan with bug repellent and then cooked some cinnamon rolls:

    6. This coworker who put dry ice in the toilet by mistake, making it look like boil, boil, toil(et) and trouble:

    7. This person who made weed brownies and seriously miscalculated how much one should eat:

    8. This butcher's spelling error that turned a food's name into a porn title:

    9. This dad who stuck a suction cup toy to his head and let his kid pull it off:

    10. The person who inspired this note to be added:

    11. This mechanic who agreed to fix a car and then opened the hood to discover:

    12. The science teacher who abbreviated "proton or neutron" like this:

    13. And this teacher who wrote "avoid making mistakes!" over correction fluid:

    14. This squirrel who really didn't think things through:

    15. This friend who — yikes — thought this was a card game:

    16. This little boy — bless his innocent heart — who mistook a graffitied penis for headphones:

    17. This person who accidentally locked their bike to the bike next to theirs...stranding the other bike owner:

    Oops from funny

    18. Naomi who really should have stayed off Twitter:

    19. And this person who was left holding the remote:

    20. This dad who made the mistake of ordering a computer keyboard on Amazon without checking the dimensions:

    21. And this dad who made the same mistake, but in the other direction, when ordering a cutting board:

    22. Along those same lines — this poor soul who thought he was ordering a normal-sized chair:

    23. This guy who bought a child's tent...and still used it:

    24. The person who bought their tiny ball of fluff a giant bone:

    25. And this person who tried to order wrapping paper online and had things go in a very unexpected direction:

    26. This librarian who made the questionable decision to hang this poster here:

    27. This person who made the mistake of texting with a serious case of pregnancy brain:

    28. The grocery store deliverer who dropped off a huge order at the wrong house (for the second time that month):

    29. This person who ordered groceries online and ended up with way more bananas than they wanted:

    30. And this person who messed up even worse than the banana person and now has enough baking soda to last until the next millennium:

    31. This jazz columnist who made a terror-ible mistake:

    32. And, while we're discussing jazz, this shirt designer who designed this image and saw no issues:

    33. This IRL Griswold who spent hours wiring their home with Christmas lights only to see this:

    34. This person who was pleased with the gutter installation, then realized...ooooooh:

    35. This person who at least won't suffer from teeth inflammation:

    36. And this cake maker who at least used the correct "your":

    37. This person who didn't understand why their audiobook was so darn confusing:

    38. This hungry person who made the mistake of ordering a pizza near the airport:

    39. This driver who waited for years to get a photo of their car at 111,111 miles, and — doh! — ended up with this:

    40. This mom who took away her kid's Xbox and set it down on the stove:

    41. This person who left the lunch meat within striking distance of this big kitty:

    42. This parent whose spelling lesson wasn't quite clear enough:

    43. This person who made the mistake of installing traditional Japanese sliding doors in a home with cats:

    44. This person who tried to take a panoramic photo of their dog and ended up with a nightmare image:

    45. This person who went out on a limb and hired a barber off Craigslist:

    46. This beachgoer who attempted — emphasis on attempted — a backflip:

    47. This person who tossed some stuff in the wash without giving it a second look:

    48. This person who peeled their monitor thinking it had a screen protector on it:

    49. This cat who learned the hard way that what goes up can't always come down:

    50. And this kitty, who wants to get meow-t of there: