21 Times Reality And Your Expectations Were In Totally Different Places

    This is why I have trust issues.

    1. EXPECTATION: Not to change the meaning entirely.

    2. EXPECTATION: Not to be pepperoni-rolled.

    3. EXPECTATION: Less pajama, more costume.

    4. EXPECTATION: Not to look like a freaking candle.

    5. EXPECTATION: Not to ask, "Where's the beef?"

    6. EXPECTATION: Non–horror film chickens.

    7. EXPECTATION: Not to get ham and cheesed off.

    8. EXPECTATION: To have a face, just to have a face.

    9. EXPECTATION: Maybe a little effort.

    10. EXPECTATION: Fewer fish crackers.

    11. EXPECTATION: To be scary, not scary bad.

    12. EXPECTATION: More broccoli, way more broccoli.

    13. EXPECTATION: Beans, not butts.

    14. EXPECTATION: Cheese fries, not cheese and fries.

    15. EXPECTATION: Not to lose your appetite before breaking the seal.

    16. EXPECTATION: Growing carrots would involve more...carrot.

    17. EXPECTATION: About 88% more red.

    18. EXPECTATION: Not to look like a sad clown/The Joker.

    19. EXPECTATION: Not to need a magnifying glass.

    20. EXPECTATION: To express his excitement for vinyl...but not THAT much excitement.

    But don't despair! Because not everything disappoints. Some things actually EXCEED expectations.

    21. EXPECTATION: Not to be the thickest and most glorious ice cream cookie ever made!