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Do You Have The Best Photo Of A Kid Freaking Out With Santa?

We're looking to crown the Ultimate Santa Freakout photo!

This time of year just about every parent dreams of getting that perfect snap with Santa.

Flickr: kellysue / Via Creative Commons

But let’s be honest, they don’t always turn out perfect.

Flickr: kellysue / Via Creative Commons

In fact, some of them are complete train wrecks.

Flickr: bradleypjohnson / Via Creative Commons

To celebrate those perfectly un-perfect photos, BuzzFeed is on the lookout for the ultimate photo of a kid losing it with Santa.

Flickr: elzey / Via Creative Commons

And you, the readers of BuzzFeed, are going to vote on which photo should stand above the rest as the greatest Santa freakout photo of all time!

Flickr: jaykay-zephyr / Via Creative Commons

Do you have an epic Santa freakout photo? If so, share it in the comments below and it may not only appear in a future BuzzFeed article, but be crowned the Ultimate Santa Freakout!

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