27 Poor Souls Who Saw Things They Really, REALLY Wish They Hadn't

    These people really wish they'd worn blindfolds.

    1. When you buy a home on Hope Street, then arrive to see this:

    2. Or when you enter your hotel room and see this on the window:

    The imprint of eyeglasses and handprints on the frost of a window

    3. When you're just trying to enjoy a family-friendly day at Disney World and see these two:

    4. When you email the administrator of your breastfeeding Facebook group because there are men there using fake accounts, and get this response:

    Person is told not to worry about those fake profiles and then is told that those profiles pay good money to be in the group and that the administrator is removing their mod status

    5. When you take your little Aussie trick-or-treating and see this:

    6. And when you take your kid to the Halloween parade and see this:

    7. When you see this on your apartment lobby door:

    8. And when you go to wash some clothes in your apartment building's laundry room and read this:

    9. When you see your friend post this:

    10. And especially when you see someone you know post this:

    11. When you read an obituary about the little old lady down your block and get way more backstory than you expected:

    12. When you read this review about your favorite restaurant:

    13. Or see this on the door of one of your go-to places:

    14. When you go to pay tribute to those lost or affected by World War II and see this:

    15. When you see this (assuming you're Ben's wife):

    Hookup app profile for man with unkempt beard and long hair: Ben, 37, 8 miles away: "Just released from prison, wife doesn't know I'm out, trying to have some FUN before she finds out"

    16. And when you see this (assuming you're May):

    17. When you just want to make a normal trip to pick up some things at the store and see this:

    18. When you're in charge of the shoe section and see this:

    19. And when it's your job to clean the bathroom and you find this:

    20. When you get this text from someone you're going to have to continue interacting with in your life:

    21. When you see your neighbor decided to get festive:

    22. When you see this on the door of a store you have definitely gotten suspiciously soiled change from:

    23. When you're enjoying the back-and-forth with a potential someone on a dating app and then...:

    24. When you've been trying your best as a teacher, then see this:

    25. And when you see this review of your kid's school:

    26. When someone posts this on Facebook (assuming you live in the home where they filmed Breaking Bad):

    27. And lastly, when you see this pregnancy announcement from a couple you know and learn more about their unfulfilling sex life than you ever wanted to know:

    28. H/T: r/trashy.