15 People Who Had A Way Worse Valentine's Day Than The Rest Of Us

    Will you be my...oh, shut up!

    1. Whoever gave — and received — this giant teddy bear:

    2. Whoever gave — and, again, received — these quickly discarded heart balloons:

    3. And, well, everyone associated with this sad, abandoned rose:

    4. The person who bought this for his wife...forgetting that she JUST started a keto diet:

    5. The person who opened their gift and found this mess:

    6. The person who tried to take a romantic Valentine's Day trip to the Grand Canyon:

    7. The person who hoped to set the mood with a romantic bottle of wine:

    8. The person whose cat got to their Valentine's gift before they did:

    9. And the person who only found their gift after some wild animal got there first:

    10. The person who tried to make a romantic breakfast...and this happened:

    11. The person who tried to make a romantic dessert...with similar results:

    12. And the person who successfully made dinner and then had this happen to the leftovers:

    13. The person who returned from a Valentine's Day dinner to discover that her apartment had been ransacked by robbers:

    14. The person whose water was shut off ALL Valentine's Day night:

    15. And the person who took their girlfriend to Panda Express on Valentine's Day and got this fortune: