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23 Awesome Things To Do With Your Kids In Las Vegas

The real fun in Vegas happens before you're 21.

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2. A Gondola Ride at the Venetian

Flickr: jimg944 / Via Creative Commons

Why it's great for kids: These rides may be indoors, but they make you feel like you're breathing the open air in the real Venice, especially when your Gondolier serenades you.

4. Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage

Flickr: bevrichardmartin / Via Creative Commons

Why it's great for kids: You and your kids will be able to get up close and personal with white tigers, lions, leopards, and dolphins at this habitat created by legendary magicians Siegfried & Roy, who sometimes can be found greeting visitors.


7. The Mob Museum

Why it's great for kids: Vegas wouldn't be what it is today if it weren't for mobsters like Bugsy Siegel, so it's the perfect place for a mob museum. Kids will be fascinated by multimedia and artifacts that explain the battle between organized crime and law enforcement.


12. Las Vegas Natural History Museum

Flickr: kennejima / Via Creative Commons

Why it's great for kids: Just five miles off The Strip is one of Vegas' more affordable things to do with your kids. This terrific museum has lifelike replicas of woolly mammoths, dinosaurs, and many other kinds of extinct animals from throughout history.


13. Streetmosphere at the Venetian

Flickr: oddity8 / Via Creative Commons

Why it's great for kids: The Grand Canal Shops come alive many times a day with opera singers, jugglers, stilt walkers and even "living statues" who would be at home on the streets of Italy.

14. Nevada State Railroad Museum

Why it's great for kids: 25 minutes off The Strip is a museum that lets visitors ride in a 1930s era track train along the same route it traveled when it brought supplies to the workers building the Hoover Dam.

15. Titanic Artifact Exhibit at the Luxor

Flickr: skinnylawyer / Via Creative Commons

Why it's great for kids: In addition to housing actual artifacts from the doomed voyage, the exhibit gives a fascinating history lesson that will thrill kids who have (and even those who haven't) fallen in love with Jack and Rose.

16. Ethel M Chocolate Factory

Why it's great for kids: Kids will love looking behind-the-scenes at how the chocolates are made, but not nearly as much as eating the free samples. The factory, which neighbors a cool botanical cactus garden, is just 15 miles away from The Strip.


17. Big Apple Coaster at New York-New York

Flickr: emmandevin / Via Creative Commons

Why it's great for kids: New York-New York is a fun place for kids in general with its Coney Island-themed emporium loaded with carnival and arcade games, but it's this looping roller coaster that really leaves an impression.

18. Bodies...The Exhibition at the Luxor

Flickr: mattystevenson / Via Creative Commons

Why it's great for kids: Science minded kids (who aren't squeamish) will love this exhibit which gives an inside look at the workings of the human body unlike any other.


21. The Children's Park at the Las Vegas Town Square

Why it's great for kids: Surrounded by terrific downtown shopping is the Children's Park, which has 13,000 square feet of fun for kids including a garden maze, treehouse, and sprinklers.

23. Mount Charleston

Why it's great for kids: It's hard to believe, but you only have to travel 35 miles outside of city limits to find snow! In addition to skiing and sledding in the winter, Mt. Charleston offers picturesque nature hikes the rest of the year.