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    A Little Girl Named Willow Is Dressing Up As An "Elf On A Shelf" Doll Come To Life

    Elf on the Shelf, meet Willow on the Shelf.

    The last time we met two-year-old Willow (and her photographer mom Gina Lee) she was absolutely crushing Halloween with her costume game.

    She dressed up as Elliot from E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial...

    The Morton Salt Girl...

    And Frida Kahlo (plus many others).

    Now she's back and dressing up as an Elf on the Shelf doll come to life!

    Like most elves, Willow has a mischievous side.

    Make that a very mischievous side.

    She also (unsurprisingly) has a serious sweet tooth.

    Like all elves on the shelf, you can find her in a new surprising location every morning.

    She also absolutely loves Target. How could she not when its color scheme goes so well with her outfit?

    Willow can't wait to show this photo to the gang back at the North Pole.

    Most of all, though, Willow is here to help.

    Merry Christmas, everybody!