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    Updated on Oct 12, 2018. Posted on Oct 3, 2015

    37 Trunk-Or-Treat Ideas That Are Guaranteed To Win Halloween

    Knock it out of the park(ing lot).

    Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

    Trunk-or-treat events bring Halloween to parking lots where kids go from car to car and get candy.

    They're popular at schools, churches, in rural areas where homes are far apart, and in places where trick-or-treating isn't safe.

    1. The Sandlot

    2. The Boxtrolls

    3. Candy Land

    4. The Hunger Games

    5. Toy Story

    6. Undead BMXer

    7. Harry Potter

    8. The Chronicles of Narnia

    9. Marvel Superheroes

    10. Mermaid

    11. Star Wars

    12. Ghosts at a Rave

    Flickr: kostynracing / Via Creative Commons

    13. Alice in Wonderland

    14. Frozen

    15. Angry Birds

    16. Great White Shark

    17. Football

    18. Super Mario Bros.

    19. Bank Robbers

    20. Wall-E

    21. Dia De Los Muertos

    22. Killer Candy Clown

    23. Cinderella

    24. Soccer

    25. Jack and Jill

    26. Minecraft

    27. Movie Theater

    29. Bakeshop

    30. The Armed Services

    31. A Truckload of Candy

    32. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

    33. Animal Rescue Team

    34. Pinochio

    35. Pirates and their Sunken Treasure

    36. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

    37. Ghostbusters

    Check out this DIY here.

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