35 Hilarious Coworkers Who Will Make You Actually Want To Go To Work

    Every workplace has that one person who is absolutely out there.

    1. The coworker who clearly did NOT want to discuss their accident:

    "Yes, it's broken"

    2. The coworker at a supermarket who got bored and gave this crawfish things to say:

    "Save me!!!"

    3. And the coworker who made a Cocaine Bear diorama and proudly displayed it on their desk:

    A "Cocaine Bear" diorama

    4. The coworker who added these hilarious labels to the bathroom door:

    "Poop alone"

    5. The prankster who put a couple layers of boot polish on one of their coworker's boots every day he was on vacation...and left the other boot totally as is:

    a clean vs. dirty boot

    6. And the jokester who put pink tassels on their big, bad coworker's Harley-Davidson:

    a motorcycle with pink tassels

    7. The coworker who told a new employee they had a "walk-in" fridge in the break room:

    Christopher Walken on a fridge

    8. The coworker who wore a tuxedo to work on their last day:

    a Lowe's employee wearing a tuxedo

    9. And the coworker who created QUITE the graphic for the sales and marketing team:

    "Sales & Marketing"

    10. The coworker from maintenance who put this sign on the urinal:

    "Little dicks stand closer"

    11. The coworkers at a library responsible for these Wi-Fi names:

    a list of Wi-Fi networks

    12. And the coworker who added this hilarious Post-It note:

    "Free of Charge!"

    13. The coworker who put up a "missing dog" sign (which takes a delightful turn when you read it):

    "Missing Dog"

    14. The hilariously grumpy coworker who put up this sign:

    "Don't tell me how to do my job"

    15. And the coworker who put this note on the fridge in the lunch room:


    16. The coworkers who threw a baby shower for a colleague and got her THIS cake:

    "Push Hard"

    17. The boss who gave their coworkers at a cleaning company cleaning-themed chocolates for the holidays:

    a chocolate assortment

    18. And the coworker who happily framed a harsh Yelp review that called him out specifically:

    A framed Yelp review

    19. The smartass who secretly put up this sign in the bathroom:

    "Do Not Disturb Management Session"

    20. The fed-up coworker who hanged this "bang head here" sign on the wall:

    a pillow on the wall with a "Bang Head Here" sign

    21. And the coworkers who noticed a dead cockroach in the hallway and made this impromptu memorial for it:

    a roach memorial

    22. The coworkers who got their departing colleague this pleasingly irreverent cake:

    "Later Bitch"

    23. The coworkers who got this cake for another colleague's going away party:

    "And Don't Come Back"

    24. And the coworkers who really made sure their leaving colleague felt the love, LOL:


    25. The coworker who gave this stapler the perfect celebrity name:

    "Chris Stapleton"

    26. The coworker who noticed a moved tile in the ceiling and added a little something to freak everyone out:

    a scary mask in a ceiling tile

    27. And the coworker who re-named the hand sanitizer to something equally appropriate:

    "Paper Cut Finder"

    28. The coworker who brought fresh vegetables from their garden and left them on people's desks...like THIS:

    Veggies in the shapes of penises

    29. The coworker who trolled freaking Jerry, who kept dropping cereal as he left the kitchen:

    "Cereal Killer"

    30. And the coworkers who exacted revenge on a prank-happy IT guy by wrapping his entire office in tin foil:

    an office covered in tin foil

    31. The coworker who left himself "inspirational" notes to stay motivated on the job:

    Notes on a computer screen

    32. The coworker who — for reasons known only to themselves — taped a banana to a beam and left it there...for weeks:

    a banana taped to the wall

    33. And the American who presented their Australian coworker with this:

    Vegemite in a glass box

    34. The coworker — at a restaurant that orders Land O'Lakes Buttered Milk in bulk — who noticed this on the shipping box:

    "LOL Butt Milk"

    35. And the troublemaker who added this "motion activated" sign to a paper towel dispenser that 100% was NOT motion activated:

    "Motion Activated"

    HT: r/funny