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33 Things Kids Have Hilariously Misunderstood

"Did you hear Bill Clinton slept with Monica Gellar?!"

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5. "When I asked her what she was doing she said..."

Def Jam/Columbia

"After telling my five-year-old daughter I'm excited because my favorite band is coming to town to play, she ran to her room and started cleaning up her toys. When I asked her what she was doing she said, 'Mommy, those are big guys and if they're coming over to play I don't want them stepping on my stuff. They'll break everything!'"



8. "I thought the cops would come get me."

Flickr: video4net / Via Creative Commons

"When I was younger I saw an accident on the side of the road and my mom said, 'If you have an accident, the cops come.' I thought she meant that if I peed my pants in the car the cops would come get me."

—Kate Heidenreich, Facebook

10. "...I didn't want them to get mad..."


"When the TV went to a commercial and they said, 'Don't go anywhere! We'll be right back!' I would sit still until the show came back because I thought they could see me and I didn't want them to get mad if I left!"



12. Talk about method acting.

Hollywood Pictures

"When I was little I thought people who died in movies really died in real life. I thought the makers of the movie just found a bunch of people who were ready to end it all and willing to be killed on film."


14. "I am too young! I am too young!"

"When I was in the first grade a lot of my school's teachers were pregnant. One day I ran home to tell my mom that my teacher announced that she was expecting a baby, too, and my mom said, 'I guess she drank the Kool-Aid.' The next day we were served Kool-Aid for a kid's birthday and I freaked out, screaming, 'I am too young, I am too young!'"


16. "I thought she meant 'chick pee.'"

Flickr: artbystevejohnson / Via Creative Commons

"When I was in second grade a nutritionist came to talk about healthy eating. She told us hummus was a great snack, and that it was made of chickpea. I thought she meant 'chick pee' and refused to eat hummus until I was 15 and learned that chickpea is a type of bean."



18. "When I was a kid I didn't understand shift work."

Belchonock / Getty Images

"My dad was a police officer and I knew he came home every night. I always thought how dumb the criminals were — why didn't they just wait for my dad to come home to commit their crimes, that way they wouldn't get caught!"

— Angelica Mota, Facebook

20. "As a child I thought..."

Flickr: statefarm / Via Creative Commons

"As a child I thought the deer crossing signs on the interstate meant that the deer would cross at exactly that location. I thought it was nice that people put up signs telling the deer where to cross the street."



22. "The Entire State building."

Flickr: archana3k1 / Via Creative Commons

"When I was six my parents took me to the Empire State Building, and I thought it was called the 'entire' state building because you could (I imagined) see the entire state of New York from the top."


23. Not that kind of prick.

Tanawatpontchour / Getty Images

"I didn't realize calling someone 'a prick' was calling them a penis. I thought it was calling them annoying, like it's annoying to prick your finger."


25. "I wondered why my mom was breaking the law all of the time."

Flickr: txberiu / Via Creative Commons

"Until I was about seven-years-old I thought 'Do Not Pass' signs on the highway meant that cars could not drive past that sign. I wondered why my mom was breaking the law all the time."


27. "Who is this Stanley Steemer?!"

"When I was a child my mother kept getting calls from Stanley Steemer. One day I snapped and yelled, 'Who is this Stanley Steemer? I thought you were dating Paul!' 
Little did I know it was a carpet cleaning service."


29. "I thought she was being really harsh."


"When I was little I thought the song 'I Will Survive' was about the girlfriend of an astronaut because of the line 'And now you're back from outer space.' I thought she was being really harsh. I mean he only left her for his job."


31. Pick me! Pick me!


"When I was a kid I thought a woman could give birth at any time she wanted, and that after the baby was born a bunch of men showed up for her to pick the father from."


33. "I was mortified my parents would just set someone on fire..."


"My parents owned a business and I overheard them discussing firing one of their employees. I was mortified that my parents would set someone on fire just because they weren't the best worker."


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