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    31 Things You Can Do With Peeps That Will Blow Your Kids' Minds

    Make Easter unforgettable.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. Surprise your kids with some Peeps popcorn.

    And by "surprise" we mean make them worship at your feet. Find the directions here.

    2. Make Peepshi.

    tartlime / Via Flickr: 12163087@N04

    Melted chocolate makes the perfect "soy sauce." Find directions here.

    3. Turn up the adorableness with these Peeps pudding cups.

    The dirt is made out of Oreos while the carrots are made out of Starbursts. Find the quick and easy tutorial here.

    4. Help your kids get their science on with a Peeps experiment.

    5. You can also experiment with next level deliciousness by making Peeps s'mores.

    And you thought s'mores couldn't possibly get any better. Find the directions here.

    6. Enjoy some Peep fondue.

    7. Turn Peeps into play dough.

    It's taste-safe, so all ages can play with it. Learn how to make some here.

    8. Pull a rabbit out of a candy hat.

    The "hat" is made out of a chocolate sandwich cookie (like an Oreo), jumbo marshmallows, and black candy melts. Find the recipe here.

    9. Make some Peeps pancakes.

    idea via: 25.

    Idea from i.e. ice cream.

    10. Brighten your kids' day with a Peeps bouquet.

    You can find everything you need to make this at the dollar store. Learn more here.

    11. Sew a basket full of Peeps plushies.

    Find the patten β€” plus directions β€” here.

    12. Turn your Peeps tropical.

    Learn how to make these hula bunny Peeps here.

    13. You can turn Peeps into ballerinas, too.

    Learn more here.

    14. Serve Peeps Easter cake.

    With cake that matches the color of the peeps. Find out how here.

    15. Make (or challenge your kids to make) a Peeps diorama.

    Macey Fonda /

    This one is of a strip club, but yours can be more family friendly.

    16. Give your kid a piece of Peep-za.

    Don't worry, it's a dessert (not actual pizza). Find the recipe here.

    17. Make a batch of Peeps cupcakes.

    Find the recipe here.

    18. Or top off a push pop cupcake with a delicious Peep.

    Yum. Find out how here.

    19. Make Peeps cake batter candy.

    These are Peeps that taste like cake. You're welcome. Find the recipe here.

    20. Cover Peeps in chocolate.

    Proving you can't have too much of a good thing. Learn more here.

    21. Show your rainbow loom loving kids this Peep charm tutorial.

    Watch the tutorial here.

    22. You can also crotchet Peeps.

    Or, if that sounds a little ambitious, you can order five crotched Peeps here for $7.

    23. Serve some colorful Peeps kabobs.

    These look impressive, but are super easy to make. Find the recipe here.

    24. Assemble The Avengers... Peeps style.

    Find directions for The Avengers plus Peeps versions of The Beatles, Kiss, Sesame Street, and famous paintings here.

    25. Dress up an Easter day beverage with a Peeps straw.

    26. Play "Don't Eat The Peep!" with your kids.

    This game is perfect for younger kids. Find the board printable β€” plus game directions β€” here.

    27. Make your Minecraft fans some Peepers, I mean, Creepers.

    28. Replace your usual centerpiece with a Peep topiary.

    Learn more here.

    29. Turn some Peeps into hardcore skaters.

    The boards are made with Vienna Fingers cookies. Learn how here.

    30. Make the Easter wreath to end all Easter wreaths.

    It is incredible plus cheap to make. Learn more here.

    31. Dream up your own awesome use for Peeps.

    Like this tribute to Super Mario Brothers.

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