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    25 Incredibly Cool Charts About Cooking And Food That Will Make You So Much Smarter

    You'll almost be a professional chef after reading this.

    1. Here's what your eggs should look like (in four styles) when prepared correctly:

    Different kinds of eggs

    2. And here's what bacon looks like when cooked in eight different ways:

    Different kinds of bacon

    3. Want to know how you can fix your cooking mistakes? Of course you do! Check it out:

    Cooking Mistakes chart

    4. Here's a super cool visual representation of the different types of breading:

    Breading chart

    5. This chart shows you a WHOOOLE bunch of different types of pizza:

    a pizza chart

    6. And this chart shows you a bunch of different types of tacos:

    Taco chart

    7. Unsure how to recognize a bunch of different berries? This chart should help:

    A berry chart

    8. Now this is useful — it shows you how to half (and even third) a recipe:

    Measurement chart for recipes

    9. Want to know once and for all what is and isn't kosher? Well, here's a chart just for that:

    a kosher chart

    10. Are you as confused as Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when it comes to formal dinner settings? If so, consider this chart your own Hector Elizondo:

    Plate settings chart

    11. This chart blew my mind — it details a bunch of seemingly timeless recipes (like chicken tikka masala) which were actually invented recently:

    Country dish chart

    12. When it comes to food, American and British English might as well be different languages. Take a look:

    Food language chart

    13. This chart from a food bank is super interesting/surprising — it shows how long you can actually eat food after it expires:

    A food expiration chart

    14. Waffle House is such a weird brand in that it ignores so many states! Look here:

    Waffle House chart

    15. This Thanksgiving chart is super handy this time of year:

    A Thanksgiving chart

    16. All apples are NOT the same as this chart brilliantly shows:

    Apple chart

    17. And you know what? Neither are different types of lettuce:

    Lettuce chart

    18. Not all cheeses are made with milk which is good to know if you're lactose intolerant. Here are some great ones:

    Cheese chart

    19. You've seen your vegetables cut in a variety of's a breakdown of what each one is called:

    Cutting/chopping chart

    20. This chart shows the not hot, hot, hotter, and hottest peppers around:

    A pepper chart

    21. Here's how to figure out if your eggs are fresh or not:

    Egg chart

    22. Ever wonder what the exact differences are between the ways you can cook a steak? This chart's for you:

    a steak chart

    23. And ever wonder, " I put the veggies in the water before or after I boil it?" Well, this chart's for you, too:

    Water boiling chart

    24. This is the ultimate chart for ordering deli meat:

    Deli meat chart

    25. Lastly, here's when you should eat a banana (for health AND for dessert):

    "When to eat a banana?"

    HT: r/coolguides