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25 Pictures Guaranteed To Make Parents Laugh Every Time

They're funny 'cause they're true.

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1. This parenting truth:

2. This Machiavellian baby:

3. This dad-to-be who shot his own maternity photos:

Harley K Photography /

4. This "parent" signature:


5. This kid's DIY Halloween costume:

6. This perfect depiction of the "Is it bedtime yet?" struggle:


7. This cool mom:

8. This zoned-out dad:

9. This painfully honest card:

10. This genius bit of trickery:

11. This family photo shoot gone wrong:

hrissy mahlmeister mtv

12. This all too real potty training chart:

13. This dad's response to his daughter's request for an iPad:

14. And this mom's response to her son's request for Beats by Dre:

15. This dad who's got things under control:

16. This bit of 21st Century parenting:

17. This all too justified vengeance:

20th Century Fox

18. This dad who epically trolled his son's selfie game:

19. This gem from The Simpsons:


20. This toddler on-the-run:

21. This moment all parents of young kids know:

22. This dad who's got the whole "dad thing" down:

Summit Entertainment

23. This kid who loves his grandparents:

24. This kid who's figured out the right way to ask to watch cartoons:

25. And these ecstatic parents:

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