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24 Money-Saving Hacks For The Holidays

So you don't have to cry in January when all the bills come.

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10. When signing up for things, put down your birthday as being in December so you get free stuff around that time.


Places like Sephora give you free things on your birthday, and they make great stocking stuffers. Other companies might give you a special discount.

[source: Reddit]

12. Take advantage of groceries sales right after Thanksgiving.

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You'll be making a lot of similar dishes like turkey and pumpkin-based desserts, so may as well get that stuff on sale if you've got room in the freezer.

13. Buy your Christmas decorations and wrapping paper the week AFTER Christmas, when they're on sale.

Christmas decorations don't really go out of style. Just buy them after Christmas and save them for the next year.

Pro tip: Get solar-powered Christmas lights if you're decorating outdoors. You'll save on electricity bills.


15. Give the gift of service.

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Are you an awesome photographer? If so, gift your weird uncle a free photo session with his doll collection. And one gift any parent could use is an overnight babysitter. Basically, if you have a skill, it can be a gift.

17. Ship gifts using flat-rate boxes.

“If it fits, it ships for one low price” is the slogan for the Postal Service’s flat-rate boxes, which allow you to ship up to 70 pounds anywhere in the United States.


23. Arrange with your family not to exchange gifts, especially if everyone has kids.


Limit the gift giving for just the kids since they're the ones who get really excited about presents. You could also do a Secret Santa for the adults, so each person only has to buy one present.

24. Join Amazon Prime for a free 30-day trial in December.

This will give you free two-day shipping for any of Amazon's "Prime eligible" bounty, and if you cancel before the 30 days are up it's totally free. Of course, if you keep Prime it's an awesome service that only costs $79 per year. Sign up here.

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