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23 Words Teenagers Love To Use And What A Thirtysomething Thinks They Mean

These kids today, man.

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In order to prove that I'm still "with it," I decided to attempt defining these words without reading the definitions. After all, a cool guy like me can't be too off, right?

1. "Turn Up"

My definition: The cool way kids now say "turnip."

Used in a sentence: "You know my favorite veggie is a turn up!"


2. "TBT"

My definiton: The "in" way to refer to TCBY yogurt. Apparently even four letters are too much for these damn teenagers.

Used in a sentence: "Let's get our froyo on at TBT!!!!"

3. "Grind"

My definition: What teens do to each other on the dance floor.

Used in a sentence: "Tammy and Bert were totally getting their grind on to that TLC song!"

4. "Chirped"

My definition: The rocking new way to tell your friends you adopted a canary.

Used in a sentence: "I just went to the pet store and totally got chirped, y'all!"

5. "Doe"

My definition: A really fine girl.

Used in a sentence: "Damn, Brenda Walsh on 90210 is a doe!"


6. "Mupload that ish"

My definition: Uploading an old episode of The Muppet Babies onto your iPad.

Used in a sentence: "Remember that Muppet Babies episode where they pretended to be astronauts? I need to Mupload that ish!"

7. "Swerve"

My definition: What inexperienced driving teenagers do in the car.

Used in a sentence: "I totally almost crashed when I was changing the CD in my car, but then I got my swerve on!"

8. "Swag Money"

My definition: Money used to buy stuff that was originally given away for free at awards shows.

Used in a sentence: "I bought this hat from Vanilla Ice on eBay with swag money!"

9. "Am I right, ladies?"

My definition: What you say when you try to answer a question in an all-girl study group.

Used in a sentence: "The square root of 121 is 11. Am I right, ladies?"


10. "I can't even."

My definition: When you're surprised someone less cool than you pulled something off.

Used in a sentence: "Whoa, I can't even get that Betty to return my page."

11. "Can I get an amen!"

My definition: What kids obsessed with Sister Act say to their fellow "Sister Act-icts."

Used in a sentence: "Blockbuster just got Sister Act 2 in! Can I get an amen!"

12. "Flannel Friday"

My definition: What you say when there are a bunch of grunge fans around.

Used in a sentence: "It must be Flannel Friday up in here what with all these Cobain wannabees."

13. "Kk"

My definition: How kids abbreviate the KKK. Apparently even three letters are too much now for these damn teenagers.

Used in a sentence: "It is so awful what the Kk did in the South."


14. "Is that a thing?"

My definition: The cool question to ask in 20 questions.

Used in a sentence: "Is that a thing? It is? OK, is it bigger than a bread box?"


My definition: When you won't answer your mom's question, so she twists your ear.

Used in a sentence: "YAAAASSSSS, Mom, I did my homework!!!!"

16. "Hashtag"

My definition: A stoner who is constantly on Twitter.

Used in a sentence: "It's 420 and that hashtag won't even look up from his phone."

17. "Killin' It"

My definition: How you tell someone you're taking care of a big bug.

Used in a sentence: "Keep your Doc Martens on, I'm killin' it!"


18. "Sprang Break"

My definition: What a kid with a lisp calls spring break.

Used in a sentence: "Ith Isth sprang break!"

19. "Dat"

My definition: The cool way to reference the android on The Next Generation.

Used in a sentence: "Picard's got nothing on Dat!"

20. "Mad"

My definition: The cool way to reference MadTV.

Used in a sentence: "Mad last night was the funniest thing I ever taped off the TV!"

21. "Fam"

My definition: An acronym girls use for a hot guy: fabulous, awesome, man!

Used in a sentence: "Oooooh, did you see that Fam walk by in his Jurassic Park T-shirt?"


22. "Turnt"

My definition: What the even cooler kids call a turnip.

Used in a sentence: "Did you hear that loser call his turnt a turn up? Bwahaha."

23. "Fetch"

My definition: When you're stuck taking care of the family dog.

Used in a sentence: "I can't see the Spin Doctors concert with you this weekend, bro, I'm doing the fetch."