23 Things All Parents Of Threenagers Understand

    The "terrible twos" are a walk in the park by comparison.

    1. They've suddenly got OPINIONS...lots of them.

    2. All hell breaks loose if you serve their food in a slightly different way.

    3. Handling disappointment isn't their thing.

    4. Not even Jack Bauer could get them to tell you what happened at preschool.

    5. "Why?" "Why?" "Why, Mama?" "Why?" "Why?" "Why, Dada?" "Why?"

    6. They've probably wiped off one of your kisses.

    7. They often lose toys that they MUST. HAVE. RIGHT. NOW.

    8. They've started to say sassy things like, "Are you kidding me?"

    9. They're too small to walk at a decent pace, but too big to be carried.

    10. They have no filter.

    11. They're either recently potty trained or are potty training, which is awesome for you! (sarcasm)

    12. This little phrase can trigger a tantrum/meltdown: "It's time to go."

    13. Bedtime is drama, and they'll do anything to avoid it.

    14. Once bedtime starts, it is — how should we put this — a process.

    15. Getting a threenager out the door takes forever.

    16. Despite their epic slowness, they're also epically impatient.

    17. They will say, "I'm tired!" when you ask them to do anything.

    18. They're guaranteed to frustrate you when eating at a restaurant.

    19. They're maddeningly stubborn and insist, "I do it myself!"

    20. That is, when they're not begging you to do it for them.

    21. They're scared of a lot of things.

    22. They have very specific ideas on how they want to look.

    23. They've become firmly anti-nap.

    The good news is your kid won't be 3 forever. Up next...the F*&%$ing fours!