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23 Heart-Stopping Pranks You Need To Pull This Halloween

You this Halloween: Extra trick, hold the treat.

1. Attach a ghost/witch/Dementor to a drone and freak everyone out by flying it overhead. my uncle got a drone now he's fucking with people😂😂😂

For extra asshole points: Do it at night and use an app to have the drone play scary sound effects.

2. Make an eerily translucent ghost out of packing tape and secretly put it in a friend's backyard.

For extra asshole points: Leave it somewhere unexpected — like in someone's bedroom with the lights off.

Learn how to make one at Ideas 2 Live 4.

3. Put this scary peeper outside a window and wait for the scream.

For extra asshole points: Attach it to a bedroom window, then tap on the window until your prankee wakes up.

Get it from Amazon for $29.95.

4. Of course, depending on who you’re pranking, they might find this creepy-ass clown peeper even scarier.

For extra asshole points: Leave this to be found by a clown-fearing friend after you've returned from a screening of It.

Get it from Amazon for $34.

5. Speaking of It — print out Pennywise’s face and put it in a window. This prank is cheaper and possibly even scarier!

christineofthrones / Via

For extra asshole points: Arrange it so your prankee comes across a red balloon a couple days earlier. That way they'll already be a little unsettled by the time they see Pennywise.

6. "Treat" your friends to some chocolate-covered Brussels sprouts.

It'll soon be Halloween so time to prepare some yummy treats for the neighbourhood kids. Try dipping Brussels sprou…

For extra asshole points: Serve Brussels sprouts the next time you have your friends over to remind them how epically you pranked them on Halloween.

7. Put red Kool-Aid in a shower head so that it will shoot a blast of "bloody" water onto your victim.

For extra asshole points: Before your prankee heads off to shower, warn them the pipes have sounded a little creaky lately.

See a tutorial on how to do it here.

8. Rig your cooler so that a snake lunges up at whoever opens it.

Beelce / Via

For extra asshole points: Tell the person you prank the cooler is full of their favorite drink. “Filled it up with Corona all for you, Jimbo. Enjoy!”

9. Shock the next person who opens your fridge by having “mice” crawl out of the egg carton.

sandeesandysandie / Via

For extra asshole points: Tell your victim that, lately, you think you’ve heard scurrying in the kitchen before you turn on the light.

Get a bag of fake mice from Amazon for $9.42.

10. While we're talking about fridge-related pranks, try putting a "severed hand" on your milk.

For extra asshole points: Ask your prankee if they could “give you a hand” and get the milk out of the fridge.

Get a fake hand from Amazon for $8.89.

11. You can also put your own severed head in a jar to be discovered!

mikeasaurus / Via

For extra asshole points: Leave home after you set this up and don’t respond to any calls or texts until it is discovered.

Learn how to pull off this one here.

12. And since so many people are afraid of clowns these days, you can also put a clown head in a jar.

For extra asshole points: Throw a Halloween party, then sneak this into the fridge later in the night so whoever discovers it has already had a few.

Order the digital download from Etsy for $2.50.

13. Give a coworker a scare by hiding a scary mask in the ceiling.

For extra asshole points: Wait until your coworker is holding hot coffee before asking them if they see anything wrong with the ceiling.

14. Put a scary mask on someone's pillow so it's the first thing they see when they wake up.

For extra asshole points: Wake your victim up by playing demon sounds on your phone.

15. Hang this pleasant fellow made out of craft paper at the end of a dark hallway.

For extra asshole points: Make sure your hallway is nice and dark (with just a little light) so they are sufficiently freaked out.

16. Make creepy Victorian ghost children appear in a mirror.

For extra asshole points: Tell your prankee a BS story about how some lady once warned you to move because your place is haunted.

Learn how to DIY your mirror this way here.

17. Leave appendages (actually hot dogs with press-on nails stuck in them) to be found by the unsuspecting.


For extra asshole points: Fry the hot dogs up a little so they look like grizzled, nasty fingers.

18. Use toilet paper rolls to put glowing eyes in your yard.

For extra asshole points: Wait until it's nighttime, then ask your target if they wouldn't mind checking outside because you heard a "strange sound."

19. Freak someone out by faking this cockroach infestation.

For extra asshole points: Order some LIVING cockroaches and pull the same prank.

Get 60 fake cockroaches from Amazon for $8.99.

20. Make a dead body out of recyclables and leave it to be found.

For extra asshole points: Hide the body somewhere it will be found soon, then rub ketchup on your shirt and act sketchy until it is discovered.

21. Change the message on an electronic road sign to read “Zombies Ahead.”

For extra asshole points: Since this is especially ill-advised and possibly illegal, no extra points are needed.

22. And lastly, dress up like Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th and go around scaring the shit out of people.

For extra asshole points: Get a couple of your pals to join you and have them dress up like Chucky and the killer from Scream, like these guys.

See an extended clip of the "Jason Voorhees" prankster in the GIF here.

Happy Halloween!