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    21 Tweets That Will Crack Up Anyone Who Loves Pixar Movies

    "I put the Kylie Jenner Snapchat filter on my dad and he looks like Roz from Monsters, Inc."

    1. This awkward "aha" moment:

    2. This LOL only Monsters, Inc. fans will get:

    3. This actually perfect alternate title:

    4. This unintentional "Roz" filter:

    5. This realization:

    6. Oops:

    7. This one that'll make you laugh, then cry:

    8. Is that a...little green man?

    9. So that's who he looks like:

    10. This complaint only Cars fans will get:

    11. Yup, pretty much:

    12. This everyday hero:

    13. This golden idea for serious Pixar addicts:

    14. This joke that must've sounded really weird to anyone who hadn't seen Finding Nemo:

    15. This lookalike:

    16. This "been there" moment:

    17. Not even Flik and Dot?

    18. This important report:

    19. This one that will make you say "me in public":

    20. This tweet that brings your life full circle:

    21. And this very important PSA for parents everywhere:

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