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    21 Infuriating Times Another Mom Momsplained Parenting So Hard

    Momsplaining: When one mom condescendingly explains proper parenting to another mom.

    We asked the members of BuzzFeed Community to share their most infuriating momsplaining stories, and they didn't disappoint:

    1. "After my baby got her four-month injections, she cried on the walk home. This woman approached and lectured me that my baby was crying because the stroller faced outward instead of inward at me."

    "I told the lady my baby just had her injections and she said, 'They pump too many chemicals into kids these days. No wonder they all have allergies, you shouldn't bother having them done.'"


    2. "An older lady, after admiring my newborn, told me her kids didn’t use pacifiers. She then took the pacifier out of my baby's mouth and told her in baby talk that she didn’t need it. I was shook!"


    3. “'You ARE breastfeeding, aren’t you?' a random woman said to me as I was babywearing my 2-month-old in a grocery store checkout line."

    4. "A mom in my son's play group was aghast that my son has a 9 p.m. bedtime, and insisted that I start giving him melatonin every night so he can go to bed no later than 7."


    5. "I posted a video of my baby trying a lemon for the first time and a person I didn’t even know commented, 'That acid is probably really hard on his tummy. Just thought that you should know that.'”

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    6. "I had a job where my desk was in a public space and customers would come up to talk to me. I had so many baby boomer moms see the photos of my baby on my desk and scold me for working full time, away from her."

    7. "I was bottle-feeding my baby when an old lady went off about how I should be breastfeeding, adding, 'Don't you know that bottles cause colic?!'"


    "I told her I had breast milk in the bottle and that I couldn't nurse well because I have flat nipples. She looked horrified when I said 'nipples.' Apparently it is OK to momsplain things, but not to talk about body parts."


    8. "I was eight months pregnant and getting a sandwich at Safeway when a mom looked me dead in the eye and said, 'Your body will never be the same.' Then she said, 'After four months stuck at home you'll be dying to go out for human interaction.'"


    9. "I took my 10-day-old to Mall of America (it was February in Minnesota) to meet my co-workers for coffee and get out of the house for a bit. An older woman came up to us while the baby was perfectly content sleeping in the stroller and demanded to know what I had to cover her up."

    "I explained the baby was layered up and I had plenty to keep her warm. I also said we'd parked in the structure, so she was never exposed to the elements. Then she said, 'She's practically brand new. She probably shouldn't even be in a place like this yet.' To which I just ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and ignored her until she walked away."


    10. "My daughter was very colicky as a newborn and cried a lot. My mom suggested we hold her in the car, adding, 'We did it with you and you survived.'"


    11. "A first-time mom with a newborn attempted to explain to me — upon seeing my 8-year-old using a drawing app — that apps would make my children have autism."

    12. "I was shopping with my 2-year-old daughter at a baby clothes store when a mother came up and tried to argue with me about how old my daughter was. Yes, she’s small for her age, but I think I'd know when I popped her out of me."


    13. "When I had my son circumcised another mother told me I was abusing him."


    "That was great because I was very emotional (having just given birth) and unsure about circumcision to begin with, so that comment really threw me for a loop."


    14. "I had my daughter at 39 weeks and 4 days and she weighed 6 pounds, 15 ounces (perfectly healthy). When she was two weeks old I had to run to the drugstore for a few items and some lady said, 'She's so small! How many weeks premature was she?' I just stared in disbelief and said, 'She wasn't, our family just has petite children.'"


    "She then proceeded to say, 'Are you breastfeeding? If you are, then you need to start giving her formula mixed with rice cereal because you're obviously not producing enough for her.'"


    15. "My cousin's wife told me I needed to be on aspirin during my pregnancy. When I said I'll be following my doctor's advice, she said, 'Oh, but sometimes they don't know.' Sometimes an OB doctor doesn't know about OB issues? What?"


    "Not to mention, outside of specific cases taking aspirin regularly raises your chances of miscarriage. Thanks, great advice."


    16. "I was in line at a store with my 10-year-old daughter who was begging me to buy her some game. The woman in front of us turned around and reprimanded me, saying I was going to spoil my daughter by buying her the game."


    "She then said it was mothers like me who are spoiling today’s youth — and that’s why they’re a mess! I was shocked speechless but my daughter said, ‘If you don’t mind, this is a private matter and you should really mind your own business.’ I would've used more colorful words but I couldn’t have said it better myself. And just to piss the lady off, I told my daughter to go grab the game off the shelf so I could buy it for her!"


    17. "I was at the store with my mom one time when I wanted an orange soda. A woman came up to my mom and told her not to buy it for me because she said it would cause cancer."

    18. "I was told by an old lady on the bus that my son would grow up to be 'soft' because I was holding his hand and letting him sit him on my knee to look out of the window."


    "I have no idea what she was getting at but she wasn't happy when I asked if she was speaking from personal experience."


    19. "I’ve been teaching fitness classes for several years and, with my doctor’s support, continued to do so when I found out I was pregnant. Once I started showing a lady informed me that I should probably stop teaching and exercising because I would cause my own miscarriage."

    20. "I had my baby in a front carrier at an event. A lady came up, told me how cute my baby was, then added that her onesie was too tight on her feet and it would screw up her toes."


    21. "I was grocery shopping with my 3-month-old daughter sleeping in her car seat in the cart. A lady stopped me to say that my baby should be napping in her crib and lectured me on the developmental harm that can happen if babies don’t have a nap schedule."


    "I am a medical professional, so I didn’t need a lecture from a random lady at Walmart. I just smiled and walked away, but I wish I'd have told her off!


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