21 Halloween Tweets From 2019 That Are Going Viral

    It's Halloween all month, people.

    1. First, spiders have a right to be mad this time of year:

    me: *hits spider web down with broom* spider: wow me: *puts up fake spider web decorations for Halloween* spider: WOW

    2. While these Spongebob fans have already won Halloween:

    They won Halloween already😂😂

    3. These kids' Transformers costumes came pretty close, though:

    Nothing you ever do for Halloween will top this

    4. This guy brought the festivities down a bit:

    what do i want to be for halloween? loved.

    5. And, uh, this girl was having a bit of a dry streak too:

    day 87 without sex: went to halloween horror nights so I can remember what it's like to have a man make me scream again

    6. These dogs found the perfect costumes:

    7. While this dog enjoyed a Halloween-themed birthday party:

    La mama de Pancho cumplio años y se lo festejaron con tematica halloween😭

    8. This Star Wars tweet was hilariously real:

    Death Star II: *explodes* Spirit Halloween: *opens a shop in the wreckage*

    9. And this response to it was 😂🤣:

    10. This guy had a sobering realization:

    was thinking about what i wanted to be for halloween but realized i’m already a monster.

    11. And this girl threw some shade at her BF:

    for halloween ima dress up as his car so maybe then he’ll show me off

    12. This dad had a fair question about Halloween candy:

    Wife: how do we explain Halloween to the kids? Me: they put on a mask and ask strangers for candy. Wife: but we said NEVER accept candy from strangers. Me: we’ll tell them one day a year it’s ok. Wife: Me: it’s like the Purge but for Children.

    13. While this Halloween candy ranking was very accurate:

    Ranking the best Halloween candy: 1. Reese’s 2. Snickers 3. Sour patch kids 4. Twix 5. Milky Way 6. Kit Kat 7. Skittles 8. Starburst 9. Butterfinger 10. Babe Ruth . . 56. Licorice . . . 99. Clorox Bleach . . . . 176. Candy corn

    14. This dad was #FamilyCostumeGoals:

    I’d be this extra on Halloween with my kids

    15. And this mom's DIY decoration was *chef's kiss*:

    my mom is decorating the outside of our house for halloween & she put this out i'm fucking SCREAMING

    16. This girl had an important reminder of whom NOT to dress up like:

    halloween is coming up, don’t dress up like a native, or we’ll

    17. While this guy made the mistake of discussing costumes with the internet:

    I asked the Internet what I should be for Halloween... "Skinny" was the top reply. I've officially decided I'm no longer going on the Internet.

    18. And this dad made the mistake of discussing costumes with his 7-year-old:

    7-year-old: I want to be you for Halloween. Me: How would you dress? 7: I'd just look tired all the time. We'd be twins.

    19. This college student knew an easy way to get a scare this time of year:

    Yeah I get Halloween is coming up but why would you pay $28 to go to a haunted house when you can log into Canvas and get scared for free?

    20. And speaking of college...RIP, frats:

    Someone in my sisters dorm decorated their door for Halloween AND IM SCREAMING

    21. Lastly, people dug this guy's Halloween Netflix list (so go watch a scary movie and enjoy the holiday!):

    Halloween Netflix List 🕷🕸🎃 : • Goosebumps • Scream • Before I Wake • Would You Rather • Insidious • Hush • Truth Or Dare • 1922 • The Conjuring • Chucky • The Open House • The Purge • Paranormal Activity • Monsters House • Sabrina • Cabin In The Woods