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    Posted on Sep 30, 2015

    21 Must-Do Things At Disneyland On Halloween

    Disneyland is a blast in October — especially on Mickey's Halloween Party nights.

    1. Check out the outrageous and awesome costumes other park guests wear.

    2. Ride Space Mountain — Halloween style.

    Paul Hiffmeyer

    "Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy" is described as taking brave souls "through a haunted section of space," but what that really means is that the freaky-looking face in the photo above will intermittently appear as a projection in front of you, screaming and reaching out for you. Warning: You might toss your Dole whip.

    3. Visit as many trick-or-treat stations as you can without being overwhelmed by self loathing.

    4. Check out the Dia de los Muertos display.

    Paul Hiffmeyer

    This cool — and colorful — display features cheerful skeletons (including the fella above rocking a stand-up bass), sugar skulls and marigolds.

    5. Listen to the soothing/creepy sounds of the Cadaver Dans.

    Paul Hiffmeyer

    This old-timey quartet harmonizes beautifully as it drifts through the Rivers of America on a mist-enshrouded boat.

    6. Meet Jack Skellington and Sally from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas.

    Paul Hiffmeyer

    Take a photo with Jack and Sally and get them to sign your autograph book. Parents should note that Jack and Sally are fun-loving and sweet, so most kids are delighted as opposed to freaked out.

    7. Speaking of Jack and Sally, see how they and the rest of the gang from The Nightmare Before Christmas have taken over the Haunted Mansion.

    Paul Hiffmeyer

    8. Try not to be scared silly by the new Hatbox Ghost, who has been added to the Haunted Mansion Holiday ride.

    9. You'll also want to take a gander at this year's gingerbread house, which features clumsy gingerbread men building a teetering house of cards.

    This is the fifteenth year a team of Disney bakers, engineers and designers have developed an incredible gingerbread house in the ballroom scene of the mansion.

    10. Stumble across — and interact with — Disney villains as they make their way through the park.

    11. You can also score photo ops and autographs with villains at the Disneyland Train Station.

    12. See Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and other favorites decked out in Halloween costumes.

    13. Feast on Halloween-themed treats you can't get any other time of year.

    14. This Maleficent-shaped rice krispy treat is scarily cool, too.

    15. You can also buy Halloween-themed souvenirs like this "poison apple" cup.

    16. Bust your best moves at “Monsters U Dance Party.”

    Flickr: plasticcandy

    In Tomorrowland Terrace you will find a Fearleader spinning hits like "Shake It Off" and "Thriller" before Sully and Mike take the stage to lead kids in a "Scare off."

    17. Strike up a conversation with a talking scarecrow.

    Paul Hiffmeyer

    If you give these guys a tip they might be able to get your kids to talk about what's happening at school. Hey, you never know!

    18. Visit "It's a Small World" to see it lit up with impressive Halloween-themed projections.

    Paul Hiffmeyer

    The Sleeping Beauty Castle looks pretty amazing on these nights, too.

    19. Bask in the glow of over a million lights while watching the "Paint the Night" parade.

    Paul Hiffmeyer / Paul hiffmeyer

    This parade is now a part of Mickey's Halloween Party nights.

    20. Look skyward for œthe Halloween Screams€ fireworks spectacular hosted by Master of Scare-omonies (get it?)€ Jack Skellington.

    Paul Hiffmeyer

    The fireworks — and accompanying light effects — are pretty amazing and best seen from Main Street U.S.A.

    See? Amazing.

    21. Here's one more cool thing to see — the scary projections on the buildings along Main Street.

    Flickr: plasticcandy

    These are best seen after the fireworks show is over.

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