19 Kardashian Pregnancy Moments That Were Way Too Relatable

    "You know when I sneeze sometimes I pee."

    1. When Kourtney wasn't quite ready to trust her positive test:

    2. When Kim had a little trouble adjusting to her pregnancy body:

    3. When Kourtney kept it real about this pregnancy truth:

    4. When Kim admitted to making the mistake of consulting Dr. Google:

    5. How excited Kim was to announce her first pregnancy vs. how matter-of-fact Kourtney was in announcing her third:

    6. When Kim got this response from Khloe:

    7. When Kourtney was totally used to being poked and prodded:

    8. When Rachael Ray asked Kourtney about her pregnancy cravings:

    9. And when a seven-months pregnant Kim complained about no longer being able to eat her beloved Mexican candy because it gave her heartburn.

    10. When someone suggested Kim take a camera into her delivery room:

    11. When Kourtney dished on her pregnancy style and said she used the "rubber band trick" to extend her regular jeans.

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    Yes, Kourtney! We saw that on Pinterest too!

    12. When Kim did a little daydreaming with Kourtney about what her baby might be like.

    13. When Kourtney introduced her little sister to the magic of life.

    14. And when Kim got to share this special moment with her mom:

    15. When a very pregnant Kim pretended to be asleep to get a few seconds of peace:

    16. When Kourtney was READY... TO... HAVE... THAT... BABY:

    17. When Kim was over worrying about what she looked like when pregnant:

    18. When she embraced her pregnancy body the next time around:

    I've learned to love my body at every stage! I'm going to get even bigger & that's beautiful too! I'm blessed to even be pregnant!

    19. And when Kourtney LITERALLY pulled out her own baby like a boss.