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19 Students Who Made Teachers Say, "I Don't Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry!"

"Ms. King is single. That means she does NOT have a man."

1. When this kid's vocabulary list was a LOT different than the teacher's.

2. When this kid gave non-verbal clues that he wasn't exactly engaged with the teacher's lesson.

3. When this kid just kept talking.

4. When this student really should have asked how to spell "Virginia."

5. When this kid went all "Fashion Police" on their teacher.

Me: Hi kids! Male 3rd grader: hi teacher! why are you wearing those earrings? they don't go with your shirt. Me:…

6. When a teacher had to write up this detention notice.

7. And — whistles — this one.

8. When these students made some assumptions about their teacher's private life.

9. And when this kid drove home the point with an exclamation mark.

10. When these three kids pissed all over their teacher's (and more specifically, janitor's) day.

11. When this kid was not feeling the 2nd grade.

12. And when this teen was feeling super inspired.

Year 11 boy in a German class today was rooting through the bin. When asked what he was doing he replied, “ looking…

13. When this kid made their teacher wonder if they were teaching a sociopath.

14. Whenever a kid showed up to school in this shirt.

15. When this student thought she was pretty slick.

16. When this kid was overly concerned about their teacher.

17. When this student decided to make the task of editing 60-80 essays even more thankless.

18. When this kid handed back their textbook like this.

19. And when this kid turned in this somewhat exaggerated drawing of the male reproductive system.