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19 Ways "Old You" Is Definitely The Best You

You're not old. You're 29 plus shipping and handling.

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7. And if you do know a young celebrity, it's because they're "Melanie Griffith's daughter" or "Julia Roberts' niece."

Paramount / MTV

You: "American Horror Story? Is that the one with Julia Roberts' niece?"

Young person: "Yes, Emma Roberts."

You: [laughing on the inside]

8. You bravely chant "Donna Martin graduates!" at every graduation you attend, even though 90% of the attendees don't know what the heck you're saying.


17. You’ve transitioned from saying “These damn kids!” ironically to saying it with total sincerely.

Warner Bros.

You: "What are all these damn kids doing here?"

Your (younger) friend: "LOL. 'Damn kids.'"

You: "LOL?"