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19 Ways "Old You" Is Definitely The Best You

You're not old. You're 29 plus shipping and handling.

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7. And if you do know a young celebrity, it's because they're "Melanie Griffith's daughter" or "Julia Roberts' niece."

Paramount / MTV

You: "American Horror Story? Is that the one with Julia Roberts' niece?"

Young person: "Yes, Emma Roberts."

You: [laughing on the inside]

8. You bravely chant "Donna Martin graduates!" at every graduation you attend, even though 90% of the attendees don't know what the heck you're saying.

12. You unapologetically call things what they used to be called back in the day.


You refer to audiobooks as "books on tape" and you don't DVR shows, you "Tivo" (or even "tape!") them.

15. You sometimes use current slang — like "Show me the receipts!" — in front of young 'uns to embarrass them.

17. You’ve transitioned from saying “These damn kids!” ironically to saying it with total sincerely.

Warner Bros.

You: "What are all these damn kids doing here?"

Your (younger) friend: "LOL. 'Damn kids.'"

You: "LOL?"

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