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    19 Coworkers Who Have Basically Just Fucking Had It

    You call it an office, they call it a war zone.

    1. This coworker who had HAD IT with people stinking up the office.

    2. And this person who'd, uh, had it too.

    3. This coworker who wanted people to keep it 100% professional — AT ALL TIMES!

    4. This office manager who didn't have time for your bullshit.

    5. This person who got a little dramatic (and funny) after having their Cheetos stolen.

    6. This clapback that I’m guessing didn’t actually come from “upper management.”

    7. This supplies hoarder who wanted their coworkers to BACK OFF!

    8. This irked recycler who just wants to save some trees, damn it!

    9. This person who dropped the “Not cool” bomb on their coworkers.

    10. This coworker who decided the “Thanks for doing your own dishes!” sign was a little too subtle.

    11. And this coworker who decided their paper jam issue required three (!!!) exclamation points.

    12. This person who broke it to their coworkers that there was no “dishwashing liquid fairy.”

    13. This coworker who'd fucking had it with the broken printer sitting there!

    14. This coworker who was about to lose it over refrigerator space.

    15. This passive-aggressive masterpiece explaining to people what they should and shouldn’t eat.

    16. And this coworker who resorted to (probably) untrue threats to protect their milk.

    17. This coworker who found a snider way to say "put away your water glasses."

    18. This coworker who called out “that guy” in the bathroom.

    19. And this person who got the last laugh on their office’s lunch thief.