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    19 Relatable Things You And Your College BFF Definitely Experienced

    Friends for four years...then forever.

    1. You ate together. Like A LOT.

    2. You were expert-level good at relating a PG-rated version of your college experiences to your BFF's parents.

    3. You probably lived together, yet somehow remained friends.

    4. If your BFF's boyfriend or girlfriend knew how much you knew about them, they would've been horrified.

    5. Kicking up the awkwardness a scosh — you probably (OK, definitely) heard your BFF having sex.

    6. You totally took care of each other when you got wasted.

    7. Most of your Instagrams were either taken by your BFF or feature them.

    8. You can probably think of at least one instance when their bad influence directly lead to you getting a worse grade than you hoped for.

    9. But they also helped you hunker down and get serious when you needed to.

    10. You took at least one trip together — on spring break, to see your college football team on the road, or just to...go!

    11. You heard so many stories from your BFF's life before college that you feel like you were there too.

    12. You probably made big plans together that you now find a little embarrassing in hindsight.

    13. You texted each other pretty much all day long.

    14. You were OK with being your 100% weirdo self in front of your BFF, and totally accepting of their weirdness too.

    15. You sometimes made crazily impulsive decisions, like deciding to dye each other's hair.

    16. You understood each other so well you could communicate entire conversations through glances.

    17. You supported each other in whatever you did — WHATEVER you did.

    18. You were brutally honest with each other in a way you are with few others.

    19. And finally, at the end of your four years together, you knew you'd made a best friend for life.