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19 Relatable Things You And Your College BFF Definitely Experienced

Friends for four years...then forever.

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3. You probably lived together, yet somehow remained friends.

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You learned something super annoying about your BFF — like that they never do the dishes or play loud music WAY too early — but you learned to deal.


6. You totally took care of each other when you got wasted.

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Holding their hair when they threw up? Check. Getting them back to their room safely? Check. Leaving a jumbo bottle of water on their bedside table? Check.


12. You probably made big plans together that you now find a little embarrassing in hindsight.

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Remember the week and a half you were going to start a band? Or, er, when you were going to launch an app? Or a YouTube channel? Yeah...


14. You were OK with being your 100% weirdo self in front of your BFF, and totally accepting of their weirdness too.

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You probably spoke to each other in silly voices and pulled faces. Weird, weird faces.


17. You supported each other in whatever you did — WHATEVER you did.

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DJ gig? You were there! Improv troupe? You were there! intramural lacrosse? You were there! Some boring presentation that had you fighting to stay awake? You were there!

18. You were brutally honest with each other in a way you are with few others.


And you honestly appreciated it — especially because they never let you head out wearing something that did. not. look. good.