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    Updated on Nov 28, 2019. Posted on Nov 15, 2019

    19 Infuriating People Who Are Out There, Just Walking Around

    Are these people serious?

    1. This person who stepped in the meat to hang this sign. (But at least they wore a hairnet!)

    u/reddithashaters / Via

    2. And this person who ate pizza and played video games at the same time.

    u/spacepasta / Via

    3. This guy who casually ate pistachios on the subway and made a giant mess.

    MemeHermetic / Via

    4. Whoever is responsible for putting up this sign.

    u/Txaggiewes / Via

    5. And this customer who left this for his waitress instead of a tip.

    RekNepZ / Via

    6. This woman and her hair:

    berserkJoeReddit / Via

    7. And ALL OF THE PEOPLE who left the beach like this.

    u/Regangibson212 / Via

    8. This asshole parker who took up not one, not two, not three, but four spaces!

    u/UniqueAbsudity / Via

    9. And this monster who took one bite out of each of these glorious donuts.

    u/lmao646464 / Via

    10. This sandal-wearer who put their feet up.

    11. And this kid who got their hands on a pen.

    u/sumwunhooisaguy / Via

    12. This person who took a box cutter to a roll of toilet paper.

    jurmomwey / Via

    13. And whoever did this to the butter dish.

    BarneyFyfe / Via

    14. These sociopaths trying to cut in at the last moment.

    0ldBookGlue / Via

    15. And this person who felt it was necessary to leave this review.

    JackPete5220 / Via

    16. This person who ruined pizza by eating it like this.

    u/novoivittu / Via

    17. This person/anarchist who just had to ruin things.

    neshi3 / Via

    18. This person who bragged about eating, like, less than 50% of the meat.

    u/Frizz99 / Via

    19. And this kid who terrorized the elevator and everyone on it.

    jdk / Via

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