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    19 Times Being Passive Aggressive Was So Funny It Hurt

    You didn't know a microwave could be passive aggressive, did you?

    1. This map of Alaska:

    Passive aggressive Alaskan map of the United States

    2. This Christmas present:

    The perfect passive aggressive Christmas present

    3. This safety decal:

    Some of these old decals are remarkably passive aggressive.

    4. This push alert:

    Technology has brought so many amazing things to our lives, like passive-aggressive push alerts

    5. And this one:

    6. This Facebook Marketplace ad:

    Passive aggressive husband trophy goes to this guy.

    7. This bridal store:

    this passive aggressive bridal store is doing personal violence to me

    8. This microwave:

    when our microwave is finished, it just says ‘Good’ in an eerily passive aggressive way

    9. This city's slogan:

    I’m always charmed by this, the most passive aggressive municipal slogan in the world

    10. These clothes hanging on the line:

    I fell out with my girlfriend this morning, but before leaving for work she pegged the washing out. Passive aggressive status Boss level!

    11. This restaurant's online order form:

    I love the passive-aggressive attitude this takeout place has.

    12. This cake:

    13. Gmail's suggested replies:

    a man emailed some unsolicited feedback, and these were Gmail's suggested replies, which, truthfully, are just passive aggressive enough to work

    14. This dedication page:

    Arguably the best and most passive aggressive PhD acknowledgements/dedication page you’ll ever see.

    15. Windows:

    windows is so passive aggressive wtf

    16. This text:

    I love a good passive aggressive text about my clothing choices from my mom in the morning

    17. This internet network:

    One of my neighbours taking passive aggressive to a new level

    18. This cologne:

    the cologne you wear when you wanna be passive aggressive

    19. This internet router:

    Passive aggressive router @Maliciouslink @SmashinSecurity

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