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Updated on May 17, 2019. Posted on Jul 11, 2018

19 People Who Were So Angry They Wrote A Strongly-Worded Note

The pen IS mightier than the sword.

Have you ever been really mad? Like really, REALLY mad?

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Well, some people know the best way to get revenge is by writing a strongly-worded note!

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1. Like this person, who was not going to let a bad parking job go without comment.

meatycarrots / Via

"My ability to pull out after you parked like this was still greater than your parents' ability to pull out..." Yikes!

2. And this person, whose note was kind of harsh, but did include a smiley face, so...

_kroken_ / Via

3. This person, who came prepared with pre-printed notes!

farah_shiham / Via

"Thanks for parking so close. Next time leave a fucking can opener so I can get my car out. Assholes like you should take a bus."

4. And this person, who came for this bad parker.

ginamarieru / Via

5. Then there was this person, who was OVER having people park in their space.

fatally / Via

6. And this person, who probably got out some pent-up anger writing this bad boy.

jdobbsrosa / Via

"To the asshole who did a HIT AND RUN on my car by scraping the shit out of my bumper, FUCK YOU! Leaving a blank note so that any witness thought you did the right thing. YOU ARE A PUSSY. AND A PIECE OF SHIT!"

7. It's not just bad parking that inspires signs, though!

jutmal / Via

8. This person was mad as hell at this vending machine.

claremajor / Via

And then there are the wiseasses who add notes to notes. This one says, "Stop wasting your money on a path to diabetes and heart disease."

9. This person was tired of people not flushing, which...fair.

ollyjackson13 / Via

"To the serial-shitter, I'm sorry you missed such a vital part of early socialization. The silver button is called a 'flush.' Please use it."

10. (Shitty) neighbors are also a favorite target of note writers.

stwego / Via

11. Especially when they mess with your clothes in the laundry room.

drunkdailyb / Via

"To whoever stole my towels, FUCK YOU! They were in there like 2 hours! I hope you get fuzzy lint balls all over you!!."

12. And when they take your doormat! WTF!

trishgrisafi / Via

13. This note writer also has #neighborprobs.

xchica.del.mundox / Via

"What sort of lazy twat leaves their rubbish outside someone else's house?"

14. Something tells me this writer didn't appreciate the peace offering.

lianne347 / Via

15. This person, who wasn't going to take having their plants stolen sitting down.

kirscl91 / Via

16. And this person, who employed ample sarcasm when calling out people who don't pick up after their dogs.

shaunananahhh / Via

"Dog-owning slobs! Act now to earn 'disgusting slob' status! Leave your poop bag here. Or just defecate on the bench yourself. Same effect. Almost!"

17. This person, who has A) lots of awesomely colored paper, and B) no interest in seeing another rat.

found_around_town / Via

18. This person, who left a long note for the cleaning guy at her work after her pizza went missing.

kml5365 / Via

"Hope you enjoyed my Pizza Hut that I left here for my lunch today! Glad I spent $14 on it just so you could eat what you wanted out of it and throw it away..."

19. And this co-worker, who was pushed over the edge by the theft of...her pudding snack!

hanstuf / Via

Any note that starts "Dear Cocksuckers" is bound to get your co-worker's attention!

Pretty much...

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