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    Literally Just 19 Of The Funniest Tik Tok Videos Ever Made

    If you miss Vine, you need to see these.

    1. This one that's udderly hilarious:

    2. And this one with a cat that'll haunt your dreams:

    3. This tribute to misheard lyrics:

    4. And this tribute to how Billy Eilish makes music:

    5. This one that proves there's something worse than stepping on a Lego:

    6. This one about what your demon sees at 3 a.m.:

    7. And this one that every parent can feel in their bones:

    8. This ingenious iPhone hack:

    9. And this "must know" recipe:

    10. This one that'll make you go, "RIP chicken nugget":

    11. This one that's pretty punny:

    12. This one for when you don't get paid 'til Friday:

    13. This one that could be called, "Revenge of the Roach":

    14. This one that's an inside look at how Arnold Schwarzenegger and his son kick back:

    15. This one with a poor, terrorized mom:

    16. And this one with a grandma responding to viral videos:

    17. This one about how math is hard:

    18. This one that's a totally viable vacation hack:

    19. And this one that's 100% accurate about being home alone: