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    Updated on Jul 7, 2019. Posted on Jul 3, 2019

    Literally Just 19 Of The Funniest Tik Tok Videos Ever Made

    If you miss Vine, you need to see these.

    1. This one that's udderly hilarious:

    2. And this one with a cat that'll haunt your dreams:

    3. This tribute to misheard lyrics:

    4. And this tribute to how Billy Eilish makes music:

    5. This one that proves there's something worse than stepping on a Lego:

    6. This one about what your demon sees at 3 a.m.:

    7. And this one that every parent can feel in their bones:

    8. This ingenious iPhone hack:

    9. And this "must know" recipe:

    10. This one that'll make you go, "RIP chicken nugget":

    11. This one that's pretty punny:

    12. This one for when you don't get paid 'til Friday:

    13. This one that could be called, "Revenge of the Roach":

    14. This one that's an inside look at how Arnold Schwarzenegger and his son kick back:

    15. This one with a poor, terrorized mom:

    16. And this one with a grandma responding to viral videos:

    17. This one about how math is hard:

    18. This one that's a totally viable vacation hack:

    19. And this one that's 100% accurate about being home alone:

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