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    19 Cars That Need To Be Taken Off The Road, Like, Now

    They're out there, on the road, just driving around.

    1. This car that uses a basketball to hide the fact it has a broken tail light:

    2. And this car that — no problem — has an easy fix for a broken side-mirror:

    3. This car with a custom-made shift that's absolutely horrifying:

    4. This car that must have trouble at the drive-thru:

    5. And this car with extra-large exhaust pipes:

    6. This toaster mobile with a butter trailer:

    7. This brick and mortar Volvo:

    8. This watermelon car:

    9. And this truck that might need to be mowed:

    10. This small car with an inferiority complex:

    11. And this truck that seems a

    12. This car with not-exactly-family-friendly anime on the hood:

    13. This car with a Vin Diesel window tint:

    14. And this car with this sticker:

    15. This car that was parked in the WRONG place:

    16. This compact-sized car that can go off-road:

    17. This Scooby Doo-themed sports car:

    18. This 50% patriotic, 50% disturbing car:

    19. And this car with exactly one horse power:

    H/T: r/Shitty_Car_Mods