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    18 Signs You Might Get Back With Your Ex When You Really Shouldn’t

    Stay strong, honey.

    1. Your parents haven't been as supportive of your breakup as you'd hoped.

    2. You thought the men you'd meet at the bar would be like this:

    3. But instead they're more like this:

    4. Things with your "work spouse" have suddenly become really awkward.

    5. This makes you irrationally upset:

    6. You cuddle your dog in bed a little too long.

    7. You receive an invitation to a wedding with a "plus one."

    8. You used to find Taylor Swift's music inspirational, but now you think she's full of crap.

    9. You start watching the stupid shows he loves.

    10. You get super-annoyed when your friends say you could do better than your ex.

    11. You change your relationship status on Facebook from "Single" to "It's Complicated."

    12. You unblock your ex on Twitter.

    13. You get way too excited when he finally returns your text.

    14. You conclude that your expectations for the relationship were unrealistic.

    15. You decide you want to be friends and set up a coffee date.

    16. You work out like crazy for a week and buy a new outfit.

    17. But then you get to the coffee shop, see him arrive wearing the same smug expression and stupid shirt he always wore, and realize you absolutely were right to break up.

    18. And then you rock that wedding all by yourself!