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    27 Funny Firsts In History That Must Have Been Absolutely Wild

    The first person to see a sunset was probably like, "Well, this ain't good."

    Hello, modern people of the 21st century! Do you ever think about the everyday things that seem normal to us, but which must have seemed REALLY weird the first time someone did them?


    Because these 27 firsts from history must have been absolutely wild:


    So, who was the first person to see an egg come out of a chicken's ass and say, "I'm gonna eat that."


    @barstoolsports @gonepatrol No way the first person to try hang-gliding survived.


    The first person to ever masturbate must've been like YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


    The first person to see a sunset was probably like well this ain't good.


    The first person to ever hear a Parrot speak was probably not ok for several days.


    first person to try ventriloquism: hey everyone, check this out: his friends, family, and loved ones: ah! Yes. this is very normal and well adjusted. we will not question this at all


    The first guy to eat cottage cheese must of had a hard time convincing others they can eat cottage cheese


    who was the first persom to eat a potoato. who looked at it adn thougt "im gona eat this weird rock"


    Ever wonder who the first person was to think, ‘Hey I’m gonna hop on that 1500lb Bull, Wanna time how long I last before it tries to kills me?’


    [first person to ever have their stomach growl] what the actual fuck


    First woman that gave birth to twins was prolly like “????????”


    Imagine the balls it took to be the first person to use a hanky. To just stand before God and a room full of people and just calmly fold up and put a piece of cloth you just blew snot into back into your pocket for later.


    the first person to ever see a bird was probably like 😍


    can you imagine being the first person to try caviar. just tear open a fish and eat whatever the fuck freaky beads fall out of it


    I wonder who the first person was to look at a beehive and think, "those bastards are hiding something delicious in there, I know it!" 🤔


    The first guy to discover milk probably did a lot of other weird shit


    The first person to taste 'chocolate' must have been very trusting


    Sometimes I zone out for hours, wondering who the first person to ever shave was and what made them do that.


    As much as I love maple syrup I can't help but wonder who the first person was to see a tree oozing fluid and think....."I bet that shit would taste great on pancakes."


    The first person to make popcorn must have been seriously freaking out.


    The first person to ever combine cheese and pickle went unrecognised. No MBE, nothing. I find this saddening.


    The first person to walk into the battlefield with a full suit of armour must have scared the sh*t out of their enemies.


    The first person to ever eat a lobster must've been pretty hungry.


    the first person to use “i know what you are but what am i” must’ve sent the other person to the shadow realm


    Wonder if the First Person to ever make butter was trying to just make whipped cream but they were super pissed about an argument they lost & started replaying the fight in their head, thinking they should've said this and oh that would have shown them & oh damn its solid now...


    Sometimes I think about the first guy who ever figured out what garlic was good for. People must have thought he was god.


    Imagine how terrified the first person who ever saw a whale was.

    Wow, people of the past! You went through a lot so we don't have to and we applaud you!


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