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17 Pumpkins That Will Scare The Shit Out Of You And Then The Person Next To You

These ain't for the faint of heart.

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1. This IRL nightmare:

memecloud9 / Via

2. And this terror you never want to see pop up on your dashboard:

@andrewrobscott/ / Via Twitter: @andrewrobscott

3. This one that will leave home buyers shook:

@TuukaStefanson / Via Twitter: @TuukaStefanson

4. And this one that needs no explanation:

@lleuoy / Via Twitter: @lleuoy

5. This scare for anyone applying to college:

@militsasotirova / Via Twitter: @militsasotirova

6. This one that'd be even scarier in April:

@iceivy / Via Twitter: @iceyivy

7. This one that's alarming for anyone not ready for a family:

Scooter_Gracey / Via Twitter: @Scooter_Gracey

8. This fright-fest for college students:

@RileyShaw16 / Via Twitter: @RileyShaw16

9. And, uh, this one:

@AlbersLaura / Via Twitter: @AlbersLaura

10. This straight-up shrieker:

11. This horror story for when you still have pita chips:

hummusmem3s / Via

12. This one that'll terrorize anyone who remembers the financial crisis:

zibellfried / Via Twitter: @zibellfried

13. And this one that'll terrorize anyone who remembers...last year.

ffsmaan / Via Twitter: @ffsmaan

14. This one that'll frighten moms everywhere:

epikkjustin / Via

15. This nightmare for anyone trying to stay in shape:

jansnowman / Via

16. This one for college grads:

nicodemus82 / Via

17. And this pumpkin that should scare the bejesus out of us all:

@mc_mosher / Via Twitter: @mc_mosher

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