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    17 Movie Theater Marquees During The Coronavirus That Are Hilarious, Inspiring, And A Little Heartbreaking

    "Good Will Hunkering."

    Going to the movies is the best, but — because of the coronavirus — movie theaters are presently closed.

    Fox Searchlight

    Until it's safe to reopen, many theaters have been putting up funny and inspirational messages on their marquees, and it's a bit of fun/light we need right now:

    1. This theater tweaked some classic movie titles:

    2. Like this one I'd definitely watch:

    3. And a couple more:

    I love @TheParkwayMPLS Can’t wait time catch a movie and music there when they reopen. You should follow them and their wonderful marquee! #mpls


    4. This theater is "showing" this almost Steven Spielberg movie:

    5. And this theater is showing this almost Quentin Tarantino movie:

    6. They're also showing "Lord of the Couch and the Fellowship of Binging":

    7. Plus a few more:

    My local movie theater updates their marquee every week and I am here for it


    8. This theater also got in on the act:

    u/origami_rock / Via

    9. While this theater put up some very fitting real titles:

    10. And this theater recommended a movie to stream:

    Love this local theatre, which is using its marquee to comment on movies it’s not showing

    11. This theater's Back to the Future–inspired quote was shared by Michael J. Fox himself:

    12. While this theater shared a very apropos quote from Return of the Jedi:

    The marquee from my friendly local neighbourhood movie theater a couple of weeks ago #MayThe4thBeWithYou

    13. This theater bluntly expressed the state of things:

    14. As did this one:

    15. This theater, meanwhile, posted inspirational movie quotes to help us get through this:

    16. This theater reminded us of this sweet and emotional quote:

    17. And this theater reminded everyone that, while theaters may be closed now, they will rise again:

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