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17 Photos That Will Give Every Decent Person Nightmares For A Week

Be very afraid.

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1. First, look at this absolute monster casually eating pistachios on the subway:

MemeHermetic / Via

2. And this evil entity who put their feet up like this:

3. Spy this barbarian who left an eaten corn on the cob on this person's windshield:

davidzarud / Via

4. This monster who — for some chilling reason — has this many air fresheners:

fruityloop22 / Via

5. This co-worker/demon who returned a stapler like this:

Stupid_Genious / Via

6. And, well, whoever the heck laid this tile:

LR130777777 / Via

7. Quick! Cover any children's eyes before you look at what this ogre did to this butter dish:

BarneyFyfe / Via

8. Or what this box cutter-toting mutant did to this roll of toilet paper:

jurmomwey / Via

9. There's this wicked being responsible for this horror show:

neshi3 / Via

10. These sociopaths trying to cut in at the last moment:

0ldBookGlue / Via

11. And this scary, scary individual who felt it was necessary to leave this review:

JackPete5220 / Via

12. Too scared to proceed? No? Then look at this guy who played his music at full volume without a qualm:

SouthpawAce14 / Via

13. Or this woman — eek! — also spotted on a plane:

berserkJoeReddit / Via

14. There's this Freddie Krueger of a customer who left this for his waitress instead of a tip:

RekNepZ / Via

15. And whatever dark entity that decided to put the back pain medication on the bottom shelf:

mathew_jones_78 / Via

16. This terror who just left their drink wherever the heck they pleased:

peoplecanbeassholes / Via

17. And this adorable little monster, who nonetheless terrorized this elevator in the worst possible way:

jdk / Via

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