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    16 Drivers Who Really, Really Shouldn't Be On The Road

    You know, the drivers who make you go, "WHAT THE...?!"

    1. This driver who lets their dog get a little too involved:

    youdrivelikeabozo / Via

    2. This driver who thought they could take the bike lane:

    badpriusdrivers / Via

    3. This driver who likes to drive around with one leg up and noise-cancelling headphones on:

    planetlinton / Via

    4. This driver who drove their new washing machine away from the store WITHOUT strapping it down:

    rugger / Via

    5. And this driver who thought this was a perfectly reasonable way to get a refrigerator home:

    badpriusdrivers / Via

    6. This driver whose parking style could be best described as avant garde:

    parkingpolice_ / Via

    7. And this driver who parks wherever the hell they choose to:

    youdrivelikeabozo / Via

    8. This driver who casually drives on the wrong side of the road:

    wenzilla1 / Via

    9. This driver who SOMEHOW did this bit of sorcery:

    nekomansucks / Via

    10. This driver who can't be trusted to fill up their car:

    brapstustustu / Via

    11. And this driver who REALLY can't be trusted:

    badpriusdrivers / Via

    12. This driver who decided this car was safe for highway travel:

    13. And this driver, who may or may not be driving the car in the photo above:

    giggles_nation / Via

    14. This driver who took a slight detour:

    fowbm / Via

    15. This driver who took a major detour:

    theoceanram / Via

    16. And this driver who might be better at flying than driving:

    djtommyfixx / Via

    And yes, this actually happened.

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