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    14 Customer Stories That Will Horrify Anyone Who's Ever Had A Job

    "Did you not see me waiting in my Tesla? I will have your job!"

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community about the most awful and entitled customers they ever encountered. The responses will make you want to call in sick:

    1. "I worked at Starbucks and had a customer order a 'no foam' latte. I made it, making sure to scrape off any and all foam that could have come from, you know, steaming milk. She took the lid off, stuck her finger in it, then pulled her finger out and croaked, 'Fucking FOAM!' She had me make it again — the same exact way."

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    2. "When I worked at Walmart a lady came in with her toddler who absolutely destroyed the clothing racks, throwing a ton of stuff on the floor. I heard her tell him, 'Go ahead, sweetie, these people get paid to clean up after you.'"


    3. "I used to work at a hotel. An influencer called demanding a free stay during Coachella with everything included or else she’d talk shit about us on social media."


    4. "I was waiting tables at a country club party that had ended — the kitchen had closed hours ago and the bar just closed. That's when a member's drunk twentysomething daughter told me to 'go cook her some fucking food or she'd have me fucking fired.' When I told her 'no' she screamed and threw a tantrum."


    5. "In the late '90s I was managing a video store and a woman was letting her kids trash the place. It came to a head when one kid, around 4 years old, TOOK A SHIT ON THE FLOOR. His mother stood there laughing about how 'cute' he was." / Via

    "I handed her a roll of paper towels and cleaner and she was APPALLED, saying I should clean it. I told her I don't get paid enough for that literal shit, so she cleaned it — then proceeded to complain to corporate. Upon review of the tapes, they took my side, and cancelled her membership."


    6. "This 50-year-old woman went nuts in Burger King because she had to fill her drink herself at one of those drink dispensers. She tossed the cup behind the counter and demanded to know what the staff was getting paid to do all day. She even threatened to call the police when nobody served her."


    7. "I live in a small town and work at the local trash transfer station. I had a customer — after bringing in a lot of heavy trash — get angry about the cost and complain about having to pay the full amount. He then showed up at my house the next day to ask for a receipt. AT MY FUCKING HOUSE!!!"

    8. "I knew a boy in high school who had a ritual where, after the credits rolled at the movie theatre, he would throw his bucket of popcorn into the air so that all the leftover kernels would spray all over the floor. He did this in front of the movie theater staff who were waiting to clean up."


    9. "When I worked in retail, I saw a trail of cereal going throughout the store. As I swept it up, I eventually came upon the source — a 4-year-old child with a baggy, just tossing the cereal on the ground as he walked. When the mom saw me with the sweeper, she smiled, and said, 'Kids will be kids!'”


    10. "I work for an online retailer of high-price collectible items. You would not believe the number of phone calls I field from people who are trying to return items they purchased 10+ years ago, or are just offended that we don't buy items back."


    11. "I was getting my nails done when an older woman next to me started screaming about her polish color. She wanted a light color that would require three coats instead of the usual two, which the nail tech told her. The lady didn’t want three coats, though, and was screaming in the poor tech’s face. She then did the entitled hand clap emphasis DIRECTLY in the tech’s face. It was horrendous."


    12. "I had just finished folding at least 80 cardigans at the clothing store I worked at when this woman started flipping through them and throwing them around. I asked her if I could help her find what she was looking for, but she declined. She then said, 'Oh, I must be messing all of this up for you!' and laughed in my face while continuing to throw the cardigans around!"

    "She ended up walking away without buying anything from that table and I spent the next hour or so refolding it."


    13. "I’m a nurse and a patient asked me for ice-cold water. I brought her some water with ice in it and she said, 'Did I say I wanted ice in my water? No, I said ice-cold, not water with ice!' She then demanded that I fish the ice chips out with my gloves hand."

    Comedy Central

    14. "I was a manager at a pizza chain when a man came in and ordered a pizza to go. The hostess told him it would be about 15 minutes. He paid and walked away while she was still talking. Ten minutes later he stormed back in screaming, 'I’ve seen three people walk in and out with their food since I’ve been waiting in my TESLA. Why are you withholding my food? I’m going to have your JOB!'”

    "She calmly explained the other people had called in orders for pickup. He then yelled at me, 'I’m not used to this type of service. I usually pay the extra fee to get my food delivered. Money is nothing to me! Have you seen what I drive?' I told him I would give him a full refund and cancel his order so he could spend all his money somewhere else. He angrily accepted."


    Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

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