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    • miker57

      So, the author/photographer attendedaconvention aboutasubject he knows nothing about in the hopes of finding what he believes to be the most irrational, controversial, and stigmatizing images he could find and then post them on buzzfeed and let others who know as little about the NRA and firearms as he does make fun, lay blame, point fingers, and generally badmouth these people on the basis that their personal feelings are somehow being trampled upon by their lawful exercise of rights like assembling, bearing arms, and gathering for peaceful purposes?
      Ifind it humorous that he made no attempt to learn what the names and types of certain firearms are or how they are used for self protection, sport, hunting, and collecting and why.
      Ifind it ironic that the only unsafe photo in the entire collage was of the author with his finger on the trigger!! Granted there was no magazine in the firearm and the muzzle was pointed inasafe direction, still no excuse for basic common sense. In the future, “Keep your booger hook off of the bang switch”. Maybe that would clear it up.

      The comment about walking around and havingagun pointed at you is also very misleading—the woman was holding the firearm with the muzzle oriented inasafe direction—not pointed at anyone. More hyperbole.

      At the end of the day, remember, most of the attendees at this show are gun owners—probably all of them are. The vast majority of guns purchased by these people throughout their lives were done so in the context ofabackground check. These people have jobs, likely families, and integrity and are some of the least likely to commit any crime, least of allaviolent crime.

      While some of the slogans, stickers, and t-shirts may have unusual connotations to those who do not understand or make any effort to understand the “gun culture”, realize that many are inside jokes, double entendres, morbid humor, and generally created to instillasense of camaraderie and esprit de corps among gun owners.

      Also remember that many attendees are current and former law enforcement, military, firefighters, and EMS…all of whom operate inavery different world than the average non-gun person.

      Aside from that,IwishedIhad the funds together this year to have attended as it would have beenagreat time with some great opportunities for networking, friend-making, and idea-generation.
      Iwish you all luck with your lives of judging others based upon stereotypes and media bias. You often claim others are intolerant yet you areagroup of hypocrites by showing such intolerance without knowledge.

      Feel free to post replies with questions whichIwould gladly answer.

      Good day fine people of the internetz.

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